1. I’m sure it means nothing and nothing will come of it but coming out of maricopa country Arizona – 11,326 voters in Maricopa County were NOT on voter rolls on 11/7/20 but WERE on the voter rolls on 12/4/20 AND were marked as VOTED in the Nov. 3 election

    The margin of “victory” in Arizona was 10,457

    1. N W this is what I found.

      Jack Sellers, the GOP chairman of Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors, told the Arizona Mirror in a statement he was not surprised the state Senate’s “woefully underqualified” audit team came up with a different ballot tally than the “experienced professionals” in his county’s elections department.

    1. Some anti American media don’t appreciate others’ free speech- youtube twitter and facebook for example.

    2. @Scientific Methodologist still Buttsore about your KLANPIG TRUMP being kicked off social media huh ??

    3. Look at the ones crying about bias and censorship and notice the newness of their accounts. Whiner trolls project more than a 50 movie cineplex. Laughable morons.

    4. @Scientific Methodologist, you should donate to the Trump class action lawsuit fund, he needs your money.

  2. Feels so much sympathy for this wonderful journalist. Agree with the whole Iran problem but not seeing how Biden not dealing with Iran helps unless USA is willing to overthrown the Iranian government, and go to another 20 years war, I don’t think there is anything else the US can do except working the Iranian government.

  3. Unless your stories about Trump your viewers obviously don’t want to hear about it because that’s what they talk about no matter what you put on here

    1. @M because what I wrote is the truth you guys are obsessed with him you don’t want to hear any stories that have nothing to do with him and when there are stories that have nothing to do with him you will bring him up

  4. That’s what the Republicans want to do, they’re just not allowed to by the Constitution.

  5. The American people will NEVER forget what the shameful Democrats have done to America concerning the Shamdemic and stolen election

    1. You mean shameful republicans, the fact Trump has killed over 500,000 people through his inaction, and the election did not feature any fraud?

      Your brain is broken, you are utterly ignorant and incredibly gullible. Your life must be an absolute misery, living hurtful lies day after day. I feel really bad for you, and hope one day you’ll discover the truth. That won’t be easy for you, and it will make you even more depressed, when you understand how stupid you’ve been.

    2. William H Music 2021= had this BOT account DELETED last month and he is back so…. I need to REPORT him @youtube again…. buh bye KLAN BOT!!!

  6. Shaddow banned for truthing. 🤷‍♂️ Typical anti American, tactical cowardice by youtube.

    1. truthing as in the white lies claiming the klanpig trump won when you know he LOST in a landslide???

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