Is Donald Trump Messing with Mitt Romney? 11/27/16

Is Donald Trump Messing with Mitt Romney? 11/27/16
Is President Elect Donald Trump teasing Mitt Romney by meeting with him and giving him the idea he may be selected for Secretary of State in a Trump administration? Some people think Donald Trump may be messing with Mitt Romney and may plan to humiliate him.

Donald Trump News – November 27, 2016


  1. It can be hard for a President hopeful to submit to a President elect. We
    saw this in Romney pounding of Trump in the csmpaigning. Now Romney needs
    to prove himself through humility. Romney would be a good choice for sec
    state however we have many more people who would also be great who
    supported Trump from the beginning. Trump needs people who will fall on
    their swords for him and I’m not sure that is Romney. He should be out
    there helping Trump right now but instead he is just sitting waiting to be
    picked and then he will engage his support. It’s sad because Romney has
    been an extremely good businessman in life and could be valise but he wants
    to be courted and be picked before he will put on his best. sad.

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