Is Trump Someone Who Wants To Win Re-Election? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The dangerous man on earth is an understatement. It’s idealogy that he’s spreading national wide then international wide. He now controls The Voice Of America. An internationally broadcasting radio system created in 1943.

    1. TheRockJericho Yes Bannon, Miller, Kushner etc etc. took over THE VOICE OF AMERICA! True. We need to do something about that. Idk what but this needs to be on the forefront of news.

    2. Brenda, you are correct. The Voice of America was taken over by Bannon, Miller etc etc etc and this is so serious and dangerous.

    3. @TheRockJericho It is one of the tools that he uses like Fox News media to spread his organized hate propaganda. He fired all the journalists, even the senior journalists. He hired people with no journalists experience and hire a white supremacist to oversee communications.

    4. @Brenda Sowa ,
      Listen.., I completely understand the points that you and ‘808 Dream’ are making. In fact, I agree with the majority of it (especially, the damage made by Bannon, Miller and Kushner, etc.). However, I disagree with the idea that Trump (or, his bootlickers) “controls The Voice Of America.” I’m an American and, Trump DOES NOT speak for me!! Does he speak for you? Others in this Country feels as I do…., Trump doesn’t speak for them, either! Trump may “control” the Voices of a small fraction within this Country but, not ALL of America. That’s my point. I’m WITH you and 808 Dream…., don’t lose sight of that. Continued protests and voting is the way to defeating Donald J. Trump!! He’s going to cheat (with the help of his Republicans and foreign(s) Country) this coming Election. So, we have to have a MASSIVE voting turnout in November!!

    1. @Knife Shark Older people put Chump in. The young ones may not have helped as much as it would be hoped but 1+0 is still 1 (and they did participate just at lower levels than older people) The votes came from the older white folks in spades.

    2. @Thepopcornator Sure he can. Revisit the Nixon pardon. He wasn’t charged with anything. Blanket pardon.

    3. Antonio Bennett
      No believe me we did not half the people my age don’t live in the computer like you kids do we do t social Media as you do we are the ones who want to vote by regular ballot Something Trump not chump Wants like I said we knew about this guy 30 years ago long before any if you were born and we were all overly puzzled as to how this guy pulled it off because nobody in my generation would’ve voted for Donald Trump trust

    4. @janicem2854 Then “they” should be considered accomplices and treated as such. How are you going to out “stain” a complete disregard for the rule of law and equality under it with accountability and justice? The excuse is as unacceptable as it is stupid.

    1. Judi Biggerstaff OMG you’re right! That’s about the only thing which could be worse than no laughing ever.😱

  2. The ballots are going to REGISTERED VOTERS!! There no evidence that “mail in ballots” lead to voter fraud. It’s a LIE. Trump knows if mail-in ballots are allowed, more minorities and poor people will vote, which means he will lose.

    1. EXACTLY. Trump, and his cronies, are also mailing in their ballots – more self-serving talk from our Liar-in-Chief.

    2. Yes. Although a great deal of his base is poor whites, too. But they have shown that they are not afraid of this virus at all (at least, not yet). It’s awful.

    1. I recorded the Bleach Speech.. I laugh at it whenever I’m feeling down.. Cheers me right up 😆

  3. tRump stated “ I DONT KID “.
    He’s pandering to the ignorant Americans.
    I never dreamed that there were sooooo many ignorant people here.

    1. @Elizabeth notthe queen – you have to be careful to not just mix with Democrats. You won’t understand why bunker boy got 45% of the vote, even from otherwise sensible middle-class white women unless you go out and meet them. Canvassing in red States blows your mind.

    2. @vdarte – yes. A major issue is that the top half are impressed by a candidate who talks like them – smooth and rational – while that just alienates the bottom half. The working class identified with Trump while feeling rejected by Hillary. Hopefully Biden can pull back the working class.

    3. Fear is a powerful motivator and his base is afraid they are losing their place in the world hierarchy.

  4. Its just me or does the so called president of the us talks like he haves a third grade education?

  5. His urge to be a jerk overcomes his self-preservation. He gets a kick out of it. He thinks he’ll never face any consequences. He never has..

    1. rationalguy

      Your right! But he has his own consequences

      1) He will never live up to his father’s legacy Fred trump who’s a self made millionaire that really bothers him of course his father was also a racist

      2) he has no friends and he lives every day of his life trusting no one. As far as his offspring we don’t know, we assume they love and are proud of him

      3) he’s president knowing deep down a good deal of America doesn’t like him

      4) imagine his everyday stress! Every time he opens his mouth he says something stupid maybe that’s the way he deals with it.

      Finally with all of those things what is he really getting away with it’s not all roses and sunshine for that guy.

  6. At this point, the sharpie monster knows he won’t be re-elected and he will face numerous indictments without the protection of the office. He’s now doing anything he can to cause as much damage and get as many people killed as possible.

    1. Lol so why are democrats states destroyed and without police or any business left. 😂😂😂you’re so dumb

    2. @You’re talking to the BOSS You mean all those welfare States that take money from the blue States. When we cut you welfare states off we’ll be so much better off.

  7. That “Somebody” is him! Trump is the most idiotic person on this Earth! If those college students are real and not paid actors then America is in trouble…

    1. I pray that these Fox zombie goofs are a dwindling minority. Biden needs an indisputable landslide victory or we are going to in trouble.

  8. I live in California, there’s never been an issue with our mail-in ballots. California doesn’t hire people with the IQ of tRump to send out the ballots, this state and all the states are able to handle the task.

  9. The US has a narcissistic lunatic in power. What’s worse is that he has surrounded himself with power hungry and greedy enablers.

    1. I think his supporters are worse . They are haters and they behave like his cult members. They spit and threatened others who are considerate of others. They are bullies and I detest bullies. They think they are Christians but behave like Nazis.

    2. @Psycho Beatz I’m going to work at polling place to make sure no Republican thugs show up trying to pretend they are Ballot Enforcement Officers.

    3. Psycho Beatz : I am not American. But a professional chief internal auditor with 35 years of governance and risk management experience. If I am Spider-Man, you can say my “Spidey-sense” is ringing incessantly when I hear of Trump’s behaviour! I am the author of two current textbooks on internal auditing.

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