Isabel Bueso Safe From Deportation For Two Years For Medical Treatment | The Last Word | MSNBC

Isabel Bueso tells Lawrence O’Donnell she got the Christmas present she's been waiting for—acknowledgement from the Trump administration that she can remain in the United States for life-saving medical treatment. Aired on 12/16/19.
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Isabel Bueso Safe From Deportation For Two Years For Medical Treatment | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. “Above all, we should bear in mind that our liberty is not an end in itself; it is a means to win respect for human dignity for all classes of our society.”
    Admiral H.G. Rickover, Immigrant and Father of the US Nuclear Navy

  2. I am so inspired by Isabel & the other young people that are here in the US receiving life-saving medical care. She is so positive, active, living her best life. It is despicable what the Trump administration is doing to these chronically ill young people & their families. She has given so much to so many & Trumpy wants to murder her; there is no other way to put it. To deport her would mean the end of the treatment she needs to live. She will die if deported. Dumpy knows this & callously doesn’t care. That is 1st° murder. Treating patients with the very best means available is a morale obligation; regardless of which side of a random line on a map they were born on. I’m so happy Isabel has gotten a 2-year reprieve & hope that in that time Grumpy & his minions will be in orange jumpsuits, working for $0.03/hour & all of the people here on a medical visa will not have the stress of worrying about their immigration status on top of their severe illnesses.

  3. I am scheduled for knee replacement for both knees, after listening to this i understand how privileged i am just for living in NZ. each knee cost 50000 just locked it up. i am not paying a cent. Feel so sorry for you all in America. just because all of you get ripped off does not make it right. Hang in there your country will get better don’t give up. Free healthcare and school for all is possible. If they don’t want to even considering a plan to give you free health care vote them out, because it is definitely possible.

    1. That is due to the USA spend all the $$$$ on building up the middle east instead of their own tax payng citizens .

  4. Uh oh, she said, “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” Let’s hope that does not remind her status.

  5. That is just until elections are done and then they will enforce it because he is last term, unless he becomes King Trump and it is for life.

  6. So sick of greedy people . Rep party need to stand up for your country not to allow your boss to sell our democracy to Russia. We had fight so long to come this far and how many lives we lost to be where we are today stop this greedy man to use his position to rip us off any longer.

  7. Americans with Rare Disorders are covered under Republican Senator Orin Hatch’s legislation setting up NORD, the National Organization of Rare Disorders. It’s a good location for sharing information for families and physicians, but it was designed without any of the supports or protections that these patients and their families require. Their status within the State legal system is frequently defined by the level of education of their teachers. Since they frequently require “special education” trained teachers, States slot these people in with their mental disability patients. The failure to adequately protect these people has made them particularly vulnerable to the greedy and uninformed. Uninformed judges are a further complication. We need advocacy that is not tied to any of the payment systems and not influenced by them. Any time an American dies because of mismanagement of their case, we should all feel responsible for that failure. And Yes, I’m including Vets, the homeless and the hard cases.

  8. the MOST POSITIVE story in months!!!
    and to turn the corner a little more
    “and you don’t believe, we’re on the eve of impeachment (destruction)”

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