1. Its like its somewhere written in the hardcode of someone that “middle east should be unstable always”

    1. the middle east is in the center of the world, where the west and east meet even before last century BC it was never stable and always turbulent, its like giant roman colosseum

  2. This Will Be The End Game For Afghanistan

    Northern Alliance + Taliban+ ISIS
    In Afghanistan
    Fighting Against Each Other For Power………..

    Pakistan Is Going To Have More Refugees

    1. Throw Al-qaeda in that mix and probably Hezbollah in sometime too. Heard China and Russia has plans with Talibans too.

  3. You can almost picture the CIA board room when they chose this name. Like a company deciding what to call a new cereal.

    1. @ChurchInAshes the CIA literally created and armed the first ISIS, so it’s no stretch to suggest that they created this one.

    1. omg! Unbelievable ! Isis diff than Taliban. Taliban diff than Al-qaeda. This reporter did a great job !!

    2. al qaeda is the taliban and isis lmao. they fall into the same group, and now that ISIS now declares war against the taliban, im not to sure about isis’ victory as the taliban has the most experience

  4. What EXACTLY is “ISIS Special K” or “ISIS-K?” – “ISIS-K” is just regular ISIS with a directive of Kubul and its airport known as “Hamid Karzai International Airport.”

  5. Hours later.. Airport bombed, civilians killed both afghan and international, US marines – hurt.

  6. Now we have China-backed Taliban and US-backed ISIS-K against one another. Looks like a proxy war to me. I bet Al-Qaeda will strike both US and China mainlands this time.

  7. Khorasan believe they would do Gazwa e hind as said by shoaib Akhtar..
    This is why hindus don’t believe muslims

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