Israel, Hamas Exchange Fire As Violence Spreads Beyond Jerusalem

Israel, Hamas Exchange Fire As Violence Spreads Beyond Jerusalem 1


  1. I’ve always liked that name. It’s Greco-Germanic, meaning crown. It swoops down like a curved blade pointing directly at Troy. Gulp!

    1. @Russell Jordan I don’t know. In the US social issues “culture wars” are often initiated, always envenomed by churches. The fundamental objection of churches to American secular democracy, is that it empowers everyone, including homosexuals, atheists, members of dissident Christian sects, secular artists and writers, insubordinate women, Jews and etc. It is a crime against Jesus Himself. The disobedient, the nonconformists must be burned alive in the public square, as a warning to all. All power and wealth must be accrued by churches and their entourages.

      Be nice to try a society without the religious venom; see what happens.

    2. @Jon Lenihan I’d rather one with no government so religion can’t gain the power to commit such acts but could try yours somewhere too

    3. @Austin Smith you are a liar, uk, us gave Israel modern European weapons in 1948 , arabs had nothing, they mostly former European colonies

  2. They call 19 years old full of rage …Children … Before I thought they were only Babies now I know children to them are 19 and below

    1. @Fawad righhht. That’s a fine argument for your god. I can feel the love. By the way, what race is your god?

    2. @Brian Bowman I wish, for one day, everyone wakes up and treats religion like a mythology. Fun to read (some of it), but don’t make sacred cows off it.

      Every religion is firmly placed in the time period it was written in. That is a clue to all rational people that all of them are human ideas.

      If there was a Creator, their “book” would likely be the very thing we must currently do to figure out reality.

      It would be a tome of complex, probabilistic, and hyper-dimensional math. If there ever was such a religion, I might have taken it more seriously.

      As it stands, we get a bunch of goat-herding Bronze Age stories, or ancient god family feuds. And the end results are self-evident all over the world.

    1. @Pat Orsban As a member of Don the Con’s Tinfoil Hat cult, you should save your delusions for your psychotherapist. They deserve a good laugh.

    2. @Big drew As a member of Don the Con’s Tinfoil Hat cult, you should save your delusions for your psychotherapist. They deserve a good laugh.

    1. Exactly cuz it’s right away demanded that US must jump into it an join the war on the most religion sacred place right after we leave afghan?… Uhuhuh not this time

  3. Of course I’m wondering if Netanyahu orchestrated this to take attention off of his failure to form a government, accusations of corruption, and other problems.

  4. It is unknown in geo-political history, that a people, vanquished in war (for any reason) would remain in a refugee status for over 70 years as the Palestinian people have. My parents were holocaust survivors – grown up in Poland – but after their liberation from the hellish Nazi concentration camps, they did not go back to their homes in Poland, where they were not wanted. Almost all of the survivors left their homes and sought solace in other lands. Some went to America, some Israel, some England. Normal people want to go on with their lives, despite any hardships suffered. So should the Palestinians do. On another note – Palestine is only the third most holy site for Muslims – so, it is not as though they must reside in the Holy Land. Israel, on the other hand, is the ancient land of the Jewish people. Their hearts, throughout their long trek through history, have always longed and pined for their ancestral home, which was the sight of the holy temple in Jerusalem. Three times a day, religious Jews face Jerusalem in prayer, from all corners of the earth. Arabs, on the other hand, face Mecca, which is the holiest place on earth for them.

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