Israeli Jets Launch More Than 100 Missiles Into The Gaza Strip | MSNBC 1

Israeli Jets Launch More Than 100 Missiles Into The Gaza Strip | MSNBC


Dozens of Israeli jets launched more than 100 missiles into the Gaza Strip overnight as the violence entered its second week and hours after President Joe Biden said he would support a ceasefire in the conflict. Foreign correspondent Martin Fletcher reports.

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Israeli Jets Launch More Than 100 Missiles Into The Gaza Strip | MSNBC


    1. China Joe Biden‘s crisis :

      Crisis with the cyber attacks on our pipelines

      Crisis in Israel with Terrorists

      Crisis with rising inflation on everything from groceries to diapers

      crisis with a massive border invasion unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime

      crisis with rising gas prices

      Crisis with fuel shortages

      Crisis with democrat states still keeping businesses shut down

      Crisis with employers unable to find workers because of China Joe’s paying Americans to sit home

      crisis with China Joe Biden and Democrats destroying the country in only 100 days.

    2. @Steve Austin you understand that none of those are actual crises that haven’t been around for forever. And half of those are irrationally developed views

    1. @Brian Jones And you Mr Jones, what are your moral values beside enjoying the death of innocent children ?

    2. @Brian Jones destabilise is one one informed unbiased journalist has called the work of israel.

    1. @Pelican1984 it’s not a conspiracy to say uncertainty leads to even elites aligning. but if you believe they don’t ever have to worry, then hey all back room deals must have all been just for the best cigars…

    2. @judie suh Agreed, it just makes me sick how people treat others. Most people just want to live in peace. The fanatics can’t live without hating someone. Probably will never end.

    3. @Lloyd Little — that reality tv star never allowed for this to happen on his watch.
      With Biden in charge, you can expect this instability every year.

    1. @Nicholas Gonzales The war between Germany and the Soviet Union alone consumed a whopping 40 million lives …that’s crazy

    2. @Nicholas Gonzales— “I’m ok with thousands of innocent people being killed”
      Cool take bro. Cool take.

    3. @Nicholas Gonzales Thanks for proving yourself an unreasonable and evil. Makes getting people to stop listening to your garbage easier.

    4. @Nicholas Gonzales I was going to call you a person, but it seemed an insult to the rest of mankind.

    1. True even worst israel terrorist bombed the king David hotel . they got lucky the UK never really retaliated,in fact emmanuel rahm ex Chicago mayor is the son of one of them .

  1. Old Russian Proverb: You can bury the Truth six feet in the ground under a cherry tree, but it WILL come out to light one day…

    1. @René Olguín I love President Trump, he’s the legitimate USA president. Biden a demented puppet figurehead was elected FRAUDULENTLY on November 3rd RIGGED ELECTION

    2. @René Olguín — if 45 were in office still none of this would be going on. This did not happen under 45.

    3. @MrLoobu I am no fan of Russia… but it’s one of the largest countries in the world, it’s not a giant block of ice, it’s got vast landscapes, lakes, forests and all the rest of the things

    1. Yeah. Tensions are already high with China eyeballing Taiwan and Russia breathing down Ukraine’s neck.

    1. Under the 4yrs of Trump there was relative peace and various ME peace treaties. Under Biden we have this. Curious timing don’t you think.

    1. Biden is in office. This never happened under Trump.
      Biden is an embarrassment around the world.

    2. @Jason Koster — 45 never let this happen. 46 in the meantime made a phone call. Biden is an embarrassment and world leaders are already taking advantage of him.

    1. The fact that you people cherry-picking to what you think the problem is it’s just simply hilarious….. Got any more excuses to go out to murder civilians .

      I mean cuz if you plan to, you’re going to end up having a real war on your hands, keyword here is REAL.
      I know the IDW wet their Huggie diapers often when the rocks are thrown at them, I cannot wait until they face multiple full armies, as countries around the world are speaking out and having protests about Israel being a punk b****

    2. @Pelican1984 the Israel started firing tear gas at the mosque first during the holy month of Ramadan

    3. @Pelican1984 both hamas and Israel need to stop fighting the U.S should give foreign aid to innocents the U.S should stop funding Israel

  2. O LORD, My GOD do I put my trust: Save me from those who persecute me and deliver me, in the Words of Cush the Benjimite” psalms 7:1

    1. @Darrell you’ll be explaining those very sentiments on judgement day. GOD will not be mocked

  3. Whoever reads this, may the Lord God in heaven bless you and your family
    Pagpalain nawa kayo ng ating Panginoong Diyos

  4. Thank you, Mika, for not sounding like a robot. I can feel the outrage in your voice. It may not be the most unbiased way to report the news.
    But then again, this is an opinion show anyways.

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