New Jersey Upholds Indoor Mask Requirements | Morning Joe | MSNBC

New guidance from the CDC on mask wearing is causing some confusion across the country as different states have different requirements on indoor masking, including New Jersey which is upholding its mask requirement indoors.

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New Jersey Upholds Indoor Mask Requirements | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I live in FL you’re lucky to have a cautious representative, listen to him! Our representatives covered up deaths, pretended it wasn’t real, and jailed people showing the truth.

    1. @Matt Fleischman look up your own sources. She’s probably still in jail and i don’t know why GQP always demand something

    2. @mike briganti u do know that Florida had not one but two covid spikes last year… When Florida put bars and salons in front of people. Even with the drops… Is attached to Florida’s governor prioritizing rich donors instead of old people and the state.

      Maybe don’t act like Florida didn’t get people killed due to imcompetence

    3. I live here too. DeSatan definitely leads the governor’s in reckless endangerment of our residents and his and his leader’s decisions lead to the nationwide spread. It was predicted, they were told of it’s probability, and they made the decision that they didn’t care. Carelessly risking everyone’s life was worth it, as long as they could have reckless rallies and rob people blind.

    4. Confusion because Cheating Joe does not or ever had the authority to make a mask mandate…just saying!

  2. Indoors at a store and outdoors at the beach are not the same thing. I like Joe but his classic conservative roots are showing. If you cannot wear a mask for 15 minutes when you go to buy groceries, get them delivered.

    1. @Wisconsin Man To prevent the virus laden spittle from flying out of your mouth and on to the person next to you. That’s the idea…not stopping individual virus molecules. : )

      You spend a lot of time on here telling people not to wear a mask…why? If, someone wants to wear a mask simply to give themselves peace of mind…what’s it to you? : )

      Seems like a mission only a human loser would embark on. : )

    2. Why does it bug him so much if people still want to wear a mask? I have not had a cold or flu for a year and a half.

      If you feel comfortable wearing a mask then wear it..

    3. Confusion because Cheating Joe does not or ever had the authority to make a mask mandate…just saying!

    4. @Hecubus I won’t tell anyone to NOT wear a mask or to Wear a mask. I point out the ignorance of wearing one. It’s a Virus PARTICLE. And as I has been proven numerous times a mask will NOT stop a virus particle. Then riddle me this while you are at it. Why would they say, Even if you are vaccinated still wear a mask. For? I take it the Vaccine does nothing then, right? YOU, ME or ANYONE ELSE under the age of 75, has a better chance of dying in a car wreck than from the WUHAN. Then those above 75 still has a small chance. Stop living in a made up fear situation.

    5. @Wisconsin ManRepeat…a mask will prevent the virus laden spittle from flying out of your mouth and landing on those around you. It’s about mitigation and not about complete prevention. individual Covid-19 particles are not fully airborne. If, they were airborne full hazmat suits with scuba packs for breathing would be required for those who work in hospitals treating people. You can caps lock scream all day but it doesn’t change the facts. The ignorance is yours. : )

      Besides, do you wear a seatbelt? People die in car wrecks all the time even while wearing seatbelts. Yet, you aren’t filling these pages with tirades about the stupidity of wearing seatbelts. : )

      Quit living in a fantasy world where you’re the smartest one in the room…because, you are obviously one of the dumber people in the room. FYI. : )

    1. Confusion because Cheating Joe does not or ever had the authority to make a mask mandate…just saying!

    2. Wear your face-diaper for as long as you want…. move to Chyna, they wear theirs all year long.!!!

  3. I plan to continue to wear a mask on public transit and to keep one handy for situations I feel nervous about. No cold or flu this past winter and I think the mask helped make that happen. I hear that from others too.

    1. I hope wearing mask for public transit and public indoor events becomes a trend. Like you said, its great for cutting down on the flu, cold, and anything else that’s spreading around.

    2. Confusion because Cheating Joe does not or ever had the authority to make a mask mandate…just saying!

  4. It’s a smart move! Truly. I mean, in Singapore, we still wear mask…99.999% of us (I assume, except the “Karens”).

    In spite of that, the Indian variant broke through, and now we have a growing number of cases and clusters again.
    If we don’t have the mask mandate for everyone, man, the outbreak now would’ve been worse. A LOT WORSE.

    Lifting the mask mandate was not a smart move. It’s a dangerous risk to let your guard down.

    Once the Indian variant breakthrough and takes root, it’ll be lockdowns 2.0 for you guys (with so many Americans still don’t want to be vaccinated).

    Good luck guys! I think what happens here in Singapore is a good precautionary tale.

    Don’t say you’re not warned.

    1. Singapore (5.7 million People) just stopped in-person dining at about 30 cases per day. That’s equivalent to 45 per day in New Jersey (8.9 million people) but Joe just said 400 cases per day in New Jersey is LOW! It’s NOT!!! The USA has become accustomed to insane numbers of cases that should never have happened.

    2. @Kanan Kiri Actually, it’s Singapore we need to question. Why on Earth would you want to mask up when masks clearly don’t work?? The Indian variant breakthrough PROVES that masks are useless. Hello??

      According to Dr. John Ioannidis, the median infection fatality rate of COVID is 0.05%. Why are people so freaked out over something so insignificant? All this masking drama is pure theater. It is NOT supported by science. It’s virtue signaling.

    3. @Kanan Kiri here’s what I wanna point out. I think in many ways, what is happening in this part of the world, seems to serve as that perfect prelude to what’s going to happen in EU and eventually to the US.

      It’s kinda like how the virus first spreaded at the beginning of the pandemic.

      You might not see the effects taking root right now, but give it a few weeks, maybe a few months, things may very well be very different by then.

      I am also someone who really believes in following the science. But I think the guidance dolled out right now by your country’s authorities are…ermm…outdated.

      With the Indian variant, B.1617. It doesn’t matter that you’re vaccinated. You can be reinfected (even if there are no symptoms, basically asymptomic, and have no side effects), but it spreads nonetheless.

      It doesn’t meant that vaccines aren’t effective. They are great in preventing side effects and hospitalization. Deaths as well. Great plus for me in wanting my shot as soon as it’s available to me. Gives me a peace of mind.

      I would love to drop my mask in public. Trust me. It’s getting tiring. But I rather be safe than sorry.

      To me, there is enough proof to show that the virus doesn’t care. It’s especially dangerous when you have people who start thinking, “Oh I am vaccinated. I can now remove my mask. I can go about my daily life because I got my shots.”

      Think again. Now that your government give the authorizations to drop. Trust me, you really do not want that right now. Not in the face of growing variants.

      I wish reporters will challenge the doctors in your country on that theory. I wish reporters, be it msnbc, NBC, today or CBS will talk about what is happening in Singapore right now.

      Not that we need the attention. But I think it’s an important lesson.

      Those of us here that got complacent and let our guard down, must now be living in lots of regret.

      Don’t be like that.

    4. @Lp78Ch lol. It’s folks like you that are going to get reinfected and maybe with the Indian variant too. Even if u are vaccinated. You may pass it to someone. Maybe even a child that isn’t vaccinated yet. You don’t want that on your conscience. But hey if u think masks don’t work, you are welcomed to take that risk. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

  5. It’s the land of the free BUT YOU ARE NOT FREE TO WEAR A MASK IF YOU WANT!?!?!? The guide line is you don’t have to wear a mask not “don’t you dare put a mask on you sheep” let people alone if you are vaccinated and want to wear a mask is their business!

  6. Let everyone do it at their own pace… do not force people to just stop… I know I am still going to be wearing mine… I just dont trust people. I am not eating indoors for a long time, but that’s just me.

    1. This is why we live in America, we have choices.. wear yours till the cows come home. your choice buttercup.!!!
      In Arizona we gave them up weeks ago.!!! every once in a while they’ll be some Karen yelling at people… was in WalMart yesterday and maybe a handful of folks with mask, but it’s getting better.!!!

  7. I have been vaxed with J&J. One shot. Done Deal. I still wear my mask. I believe in solidarity.

  8. I respect the NJ governor for the decision to continue masking indoors. He’s looking out for the employees who have to stand there all day, because we all know the selfish individuals who will choose to not wear mask despite not being vaccinated. Good job on you governor.

    1. Agreed. The CDC should have waited 1 more month at least (ideally June 15, 2021)before telling all Vaccinated Americans Nationwide to life the mask mandates. Plus it would have allow businesses such as supermarkets, etc. time to prepare for a post covid mask mandate period as well. Our Country does need to reopen but 1 more month to try to get around 70% of Americans to vaccinated would be close enough as Joe and Willie said to start herd immunity.

      NJ Gov. Murphy and Calif. Gov Newsom are correct in being among the last states to fully reopen and end all mask requirements.

  9. This ain’t over. If it’s not over Globally, It’s not over nowhere. My mask will be on. And I recommend y’all hold on to your masks even you decide to take them off Because you will need them this fall.

    1. FWIW, I’m airline crew wearing masks for over a year. No Covid, but no colds or flu either. Masks plus other recommended precautions have been great for me and most of my colleagues health wise.

  10. I get my 2nd shot this Friday here in Portland Oregon but I will continue to social distance and wear a mask in public because I Love my life and want to keep it.

  11. I live in NJ. It makes sense to me to keep the masks indoors because you don’t know who is vaccinated and who isn’t. 60% vaccination rate is not the same as 80%. Not everyone has or wants that vaccine. He will probably lift the indoor-mandate in August. It’s not like he’s telling you to wear it outside.

  12. Thank you for this Mask information.
    Those who want to risk let them do it.
    Thank you Joe & Mika
    I love you ❤️

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