New Yorkers Reluctant To Give Up Masking As Guidelines Set To Change

New Yorkers Reluctant To Give Up Masking As Guidelines Set To Change 1


  1. A mask and a vax is like a condom or birth control….it’s suppose to DECREASE chances..not cure

    1. @Mr. Dinner funny how they are the group that has abandon the family circle, fatherless children

    2. Sam states a simple premise: masks decrease the possibility of being infected by Covid-19 as condoms decrease the chance of getting pregnant. Just as there is bustage, leakage, and spillage with condoms, there is also the risk that the virus can slip through any masked defense. Viruses are air borne and even teenier and sneakier than spermatozoa.
      But, in America today, it seems one can’t make the simplest of statements — dogs are loyal and cats are finicky — which could be debatable, but triggers the Mr. Dinners of the world to reach and reply with stuff like, “Oh yeah, tell that to Biden’s attack mutt Major!”
      Mr. Dinner must be so fun at dinner parties.

  2. You can’t trust people to be honest about their vaccination status. That is the only thing keeping people from going mask-free.

    1. The government should track people with chips embedded in their skin. If you know of someone not wearing a mask you should report them and so they can be sent to a reeducation camp.

  3. People like me who live in NYC through the pandemic will just take more time to feel comfortable, which I expected. We were at one time the global epicenter of the virus, and the sheer number of deaths that we saw left a mark on us that people in other parts of the country may have been spared. I’m happy to see that there are people like me (especially my age) who are reluctant to throw caution to the wind just yet. We just don’t want to lose anyone else, you know?

    1. @Kimo Coloma Florida Texas and South Dakota did horrible during the peak of the pandemic moron.

    2. @mfidelity1 Blame no one but the Biden administration, CDC and Dr, Fauci for lying to the American people flip flopping on their guidelines. People could hardly keep up on their ever changing guidelines. One would issue a guideline the other issues another guideline that totally contradict the first guideline. Don’t even try to twist it to a new data just came out that is a bold face lie. Everyone is watching each others next move. Our politicians lies some more than the others. The Fake News Media has been caught with many lies and bias. We make our own individual choices I guess. Couple days ago finally President Biden along with Dr. Fauci and CDC announced for mask mandate removal inside and outside for those who completed their vaccinations. If you want to keep your mask that is totally your prerogative and you don’t need anyone to tell you but don’t impose on to others. You’re for vaccination passport but oppose voter I.D. is just clear hypocrite.

  4. I’m playing it safe.
    I’m going to keep wearing mine.
    Because it’s been told you can still have chances to get virus after being vaccinated.
    I am fully vaccinated but still don’t trust it.

  5. What is wrong with people still wearing masks if they want to?? I say do want you want…do what feels safe..

    1. Nothing… keep it on. I live in the Upper East side and I wear masks when I’m sick even if I have a cold so I don’t infect other people.

    2. Just don’t impose on to others or criticize them not wearing it. Some of us does not want to look like a bad angry Pittbull with a nozzle, that’s all.

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    1. It’s TRUE I’ve found guys looking pretty attractive with a mask. Some when they take it off look 😬😬

    2. yeah, that’s not Neanderthal thinking at all. Texas and Mississippi have 0 deaths and dropped masks months ago. Thanks.

    1. Me too. Even though I’m fully vacinnated I’ll continue to wear a mask for the sake of the unvaccinated who are afraid of me unmasked. Why not? I don’t mind wearing one.

    2. I questioned a health expert about my concern about taking my mask off, im vaccinated, but she reminded me that my mask protects others from me so I’m going to avoid crowed areas until heed immunity fully kicks in.

    3. Same! I might wear it after that during cold and flu season. I was less sick and so was my family compared to before making was a thing in the States.

  6. Forget Covid. I normally get the common flu at least twice a year but since masking and social distancing starting in March 2020 I haven’t had the flu

    1. @Jennifer Castile I wonder what the effect on school children not seeing expressions(smile, frown) will be?Our kids are already being taught garbage in public schools, now they have expressionless teachers, I feel so sorry for anyone growing up in this rediculous world.

    2. Dont forget the Sick Building problem. All those towers they stuffed with asbestos that are now essentially sealed petri dishes.

    3. If you’re getting the flu 2 or more times a year. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re eating and how you spend your time. Cut out the middle of grocery store, fast food, sodas. Maybe take up some yoga, CrossFit. All those day to day micro choices add up. Just my thoughts on the matter.

    4. @Brandon Bernhardt I hear you, but if you commute or work in a high density situation it’s likely you will get sick more often.

  7. I don’t blame them. The info from the CDC is confusing and keeps changing.
    I’m gonna keep wearing my mask.

    1. When in doubt, wear the mask.
      Simple, no confusion. Of course this only applies to those who care about themselves, & others.

  8. There has been no cold and flu season this year because of mask wearing. I think I’ll keep wearing one.

    1. @Roger Longhorn yes, that’s the worst for Texas in 2 months, which is about 50% of the average deaths per day in New York State, which not only has 10 million less residents than Texas, but apparently they’re all still wearing masks even after the CDC and Cuomo told them to stop. Texas has been fully opened for about 3 months now and they never fully closed. Now that’s some Neanderthal thinking. Thanks.

    2. @MilkCow Texas has over 50000 deaths, meanwhile Ohio (who did follow CDC guidelines) has 19000. Seems pretty clear that Texas screwed up and killed a lot of people

    3. @Roger Longhorn Ohio has 1/3 of the population of Texas and almost half of its deaths. That’s not a good number, especially that Covid exponentially increases with a high population because of spread by density.

  9. I wouldn’t trust most people and still wear a mask, though its been great for lessening my allergies and may be my go to during allergy season.

  10. Most of us in California share this thought as well. We will get there but huge populous areas with a ton of travelers it’s going to take a bit longer for our comfort zone.

    1. @odell daniel It”s not disregarding CDC. It’s about not trusting those people who have never followed the CDC guidelines, and don’t expect them to follow the honor system of not wearing mask when not vaccinated.

  11. Walking around in NYC wearing a mask, keeps out the dust from the streets that’s kicked up by cars, busses and Trucks..
    I have a friend that realized after HAVING to wear the mask, that it helps keep the pollen that she’s allegic to out.

    1. wow it must be terrible living in NY, I can’t imagine living in any big city….people stacked on top of each other, you guys better wear the masks…

  12. I’m not giving up my mask for the same reason I started wearing one. I don’t wear it to protect myself. I wear it to protect others. My family and I have had both of our shots, but others have not, and not all of those people are t***p loving jerks. So, for the few who are still waiting to get their protection, I will continue to wear a mask.

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