Israel’s Parliament Approves New Coalition Govt. Ending Netanyahu’s 12-Year Tenure

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced out of his 12 years in power after the country’s parliament approved a new coalition government. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Israel's Parliament Approves New Coalition Govt. Ending Netanyahu's 12-Year Tenure


  1. Totally unrelated but every time I read or heard his name my brain would produce the “Yahoo!” theme song as an earworm.

  2. I remember Bibi testifying before Congress in 2002 at how US forces would be welcomed as liberators. He was right… for one hot minute.

    1. Your right! 2nd Opinions 3:1 says that “The day after Netanyahu is ousted the rapture happens”

  3. It maybe possible that him take violence 😬 apartheid against Palestinian people with him as he hits the door. 🤔🙈🙉🙊 Him is a tyrant against the Palestinian people he’s using the tRump playbook.

  4. Finally somebody who has a level head , maybe we can all sleep a little better now
    No wait wolf,wolf . hahaha

    1. I mean if you wanted a genocidal maniac in control of Israel who openly says to shoot Palestinian children.. it’s a great day!

  5. Please pray for israel during this dark time that it may have another great leader to combat against the death cult

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