Assault Weapons ‘Unintended’ By Founding Fathers

Rev. Al Sharpton slams the recent ruling by a federal judge to overturn California's assault weapons ban. The judge compared AR-15 style rifles to a Swiss Army knives.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Assault Weapons 'Unintended' By Founding Fathers


  1. We already can’t have grenades, missiles, and landmines. There is clear legal precedent to not allowing Americans to have weapons designed for war.

    1. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid or, what some other rube says they aren’t…..

  2. Swiss army knife….. Seriously……
    I never tried opening a can with an AR15. But I’m sure if I tried to, I’m going hungry that night. And I’d be cleaning up my kitchen.

    1. Didn’t know cans came with instructions on how to open them….. so desperate for the days meaningless victory you are.

    2. At 1st sight An AR15 is a rifle… doesn’t matter what is on it or new model attachments , it’s going to be seen as a weapon before a tool.

  3. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  4. Sounds like they should just go ahead & take the leap & change their name to fit their cause…NARA…we all know what the extra A stands for!!!

  5. Hey Rev, what’s your thoughts on those text messages? You’re usually the first one to call out the racists.

    1. Yet another chapter in the never ending bull$hit story of ‘Hunter’s Laptop’. Of course that laptop only ever existed in Rudy the Ghoul’s imagination. That whole ‘laptop’ story has more holes in it than a screened in porch.

    2. @Easy Money Really? Hmmmm Not like the Russian Story huh? 1–% true with boxes and boxes full of proof, right? Or The Ukraine Quid pro Quo, right? You people are pathetic.

    1. They got rid of the full auto, now their after the semi auto with them knowing the semi auto handgun is just as dangerous…. but those will come last after the semi auto is gone. ..Washington wants our constitutional rights gone!

  6. No real soldier could use a civil rifle and no civilian is going to crawl through the mud with it. The “style” has nothing to do with anything. Technically the 2nd amendment specifically says the public can have military weapons, for military purposes of the same quality as the military for one purpose and one only, assaulting our own military and winning should we need to.

    1. @Kathy Shortnacy No – a revolver would also fit, as would any automatic handgun with a smaller magazine such as 7-10 rounds. Or a double-barrelled shotgun.

      Basically, when your ‘handgun’ has a 20 round banana clip, and can discharge all of those shots at a fully-automatic fire rate, that’s TOO MUCH firepower to just let any random person buy.

      Look, let’s be real here. America is the only developed nation to still peddle guns to its population, and it is the only one to have the rate of gun violence, school shootings and mass shootings. There have been FOUR mass shootings over this weekend. Most likely they all involved weapons which were legally bought and would, by definition, fall under the assault weapon category.

      SOMETHING is broken. SOMETHING needs to change. Bickering about the semantics of the exact weapon used to mow down children in the next school shooting won’t bring those kids back to life. But making sure that the people who were going to carry it out couldn’t get the weapon in the first place would.

    2. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords They have been given this name by ‘low information people.’ Semi automatic rifles cover an extremely wide range of hunting rifles. Some have been called assault weapons because of the cosmetics (the way they look) perhaps with the intent of painting a negative image. Perhaps they use this name to invoke shock and anger. The term “assault weapon” involves a much more evil image than the benign, ‘Semi automatic rifle”.

    3. @T. R. Campbell So the federal government and department of justice are ‘low information people’? Because they are the ones who gave the assault rifles the classification.

    4. @kingintyellow That is not true. They didn’t give them the designation. Assault weapons were originally determined to be fully automatic weapons. We can go back to World War II were fully automatic weapons were referred to as “assault weapons or assault rifles.” One was even called a Burp Gun.
      Let’s just stick to the proper designation, semiautomatic rifle. By doing that you will be the very proper and people will understand that perhaps you know a little bit about what you were talking about.

  7. Shall not be infringed !! We will need them to fight the Chinese shortly ,when they land on our Shores.

  8. So long as you are only slaughtering each other the rest of the world is ok with your hun laws and warped senses

  9. semi autos, is what were talking about and Americans have owned them for decades and will continue to own them —-strive for love but keep a gun just in case.

  10. No sorry no army would go to war with semi autos, you are wrong sir!—please make up some new material.

  11. Thank you obama , a black man, for medmerizing thosr young israeli voters to puy a arabic party in as government

    1 second ago

  12. Pistols do the heavy lifting in terms of damage caused by guns in America.
    Focusing on rifles is just dumb.
    In 2019 there were 6000+ pistol deaths to 350 rifle deaths. Fist and feet came in higher at 600 deaths.
    For being the party of ‘science’ they’re not really following it here.

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