‘It Cannot Go On Like This’: Protecting Against Corrupt Abuse Of Power

“This entire structure was erected to make sure we could not have another Richard Nixon. And in the wake of more revelations about the Trump presidency, it is hard to say that it has held firm. We clearly need another round of reform,” says Chris Hayes. 
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  1. Without public civics education, there’s nothing to restrain the worst instincts of the median voter.

    1. Each generation is born knowing nothing and must learn everything anew. If one generation fails to pass on information to the next, it could be 1000 generations, before it is discovered again. We the people just proved that we will lie and cheat and steal if allowed to govern ourselves.

    2. @HVDynamo you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. If there is no water available, all will go thirsty though, won’t they?

      The reasons people become radicalized go well beyond education alone, but it should be part of the solution.

      Have water available for any who do want a drink, if you get my drift.

    3. Yes Adrian! You are correct and I agree. Thank you Chris for bringing this to light. Good going Oregon!! ✌🏿

    4. Hey, I resemble that remark. I’m a, median voter. And i have very little, civics,,, education. But I know when a sleazebag is a sleazebag.
      We may not always vote for the right honest person, but obviously the fact that in 2016, Hillary did win the popular vote, most of us still aren’t pushovers, it was the cards stacked against us that we ended up with the worst choice ever.

  2. First there needs to be accountability. Without accountability, reforms are useless because they are meaningless.

    1. Agreed, we need a bi-partisan 9/11 style commission to investigate the BLM riots and Antifa terrorists that caused billions of dollars in property damage, and resulted in a dozen plus murders and hundreds of injuries.

    2. @Bryan people get angry when cops murder citizens on video. No commission needed, mystery solved.

  3. I must be dreaming.
    You’re saying that inexcusable corruption in the GOP was actually punished?!
    Have I been put into an alternate reality?

    1. Not really.
      Nearman SHOULD have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to riot, so the fact he got sacked is insulting because it’s such an insignificant action in the grand scheme of things.

      Its like the MINIMUM possible punishment, almost a token gesture, when he SHOULD have been arrested for openly conspiring with rioters.

    2. @Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse Still he got the message, and I bet he did not like the consequences…plus the the vote to expell him was 100% since his was the “only vote”against explusion….he is history, literally .

    3. He was “punished” for his complicity with armed terrorists’ assault on the State capitol by being expelled from the House club. When is he going to prison?

    4. @Geoffrey Cass Usually once you’re expelled from a body, you’re not allowed to represent it anymore.

  4. Let’s not forget men like McConnell, Geatz, Graham, Cruz and Jordan. There should be mandatory adherence to the oath of office subject to expulsion if found to violate it.

    1. @Gary BEZNER Of coursee that”s just an iea. I hope Chris Wray has plan.

      And yet where did the NYT gett their source,
      who but a defence team afte discovery and befoe trial would gav an interest in publisshing this srory and why is only the NYT beiigh given it

      hoping fo a dismissal on techical grounds of sooome kind?

      hang fire?

    2. Unfortunately, Congress we have no mechanism in place for that. Congress is as corrupt as they are because we have no way of doing that. After all, congress is not going to impeach themselves. We the people should have the right to recall a representative BEFORE election time if we feel a certain member of Congress is not representing us. And we need term limits. No more keeping the same people in office for 40 or 50 years.

    3. McConell and others brazenly _boasted_ of their intent to commit perjury when swearing their oaths in the first Impeachment trial when they admitted they had no intention of finding Trump guilty regardless

    4. @NoneOfYour Beeswax
      Yes, as I recakl some said he didn’t do it, others that he did it but irt wasn’t impeachable, others that he did it, it was immpeachable but the evidence was not enugh for criminal conviction

  5. This is horrible here we’ll open the door for you. Honestly what Putin has said his loving support of Trump should say it all if a dictator supports a person YOU SHOULD NOT SUPPORT OR VOTE FOR THAT PERSON unless you want a dictator running this country

    1. @Rich Sackett all I’m saying is if Trump did something illegal he should have a fair trial before being jailed. What is the disconnect? I don’t trust the media to tell me if someone is guilty of a crime. 4 years of many false allegations against Trump has made me doubt the media.

    2. @Sanon ymous Okay. You have a valid and fair question. There is a big difference between state criminal law and state legislative rules. So far, Rep. Nearman has been charged with two felonies, both deal with him violating laws imposed on government officials. Personally, I think he should be charged with crimes arising the physical assaults of law enforcement officers.

      This case is important because it shows how to make sure that government officials face the consequences of their actions. This case is much easier than the potential cases against federal officials. In Nearmans speech he didn’t just encourage action, he took that extra step needed to prove conspiracy. He gave them his cell phone number and told them which door to use. Then he let them in.

    3. This shows the problem with the constant pseudo accusations we hear from politicians on both sides. We hear so many accusations based on opinions more than facts. What happens is that any real actions get lost in the rhetoric. When we don’t have all that mess the real facts can be examined.

      In the case in Oregon, all the legislative representatives voted on the facts.

  6. Absolutely!, We need all politicians screened for any mental illness and have a deep look into their financial past before they are allowed to run for office!,✨

    1. I can agree to that 100%! Mandatory showing on taxes for 5 years to be scrutinized by forensic cpas!

    2. Darrell, these politicians aren’t crazy. They’re shrewd in triggering their base where it counts. Give them credit for learning from the grandmaster of the money/power grift himself Donald J Trump. One thing about conmen. They can read a crowd and fire up all the violence, hatred and fear that reside in them and direct it at anyone who opposes them. In this case the majority of sane American voters whose common sense and critical thinking remains in good working order.

    3. Your suggestion is unconstitutional. Read the constitution as to the qualifications for a person to run for President.

  7. Thank God 🤠 – Now let’s as Trump always is known to say “lock him up” !!!

    1. *Yes you know one of the things we’ve learned about Trump is that if he says “Crooked” about someone that means he himself is crooked. If he says “Sleepy” about someone you know he himself is stuttering and sleepy, wearing diapers and running on Adderall. If he calls something or someone “Fake” he himself is the fake. And so on.*

    1. @Ron Are you serious? Biden’s vaccination plan? My god.
      Biden’s relief plan is no marvel either. Inflation up to 5%, people choosing to stay at home on handouts creating a worker shortage. Not to mention the people who are most in need of handouts are those who live in states that enforced pointless lockdowns that achieved nothing when compared to states that didn’t lockdown like Florida. Biden is the poster child for dementia, Trump just speaks a lot of jibber. You must be a person who judges a president’s performance and whats they say, not the results they achieve. Career politicians are destroying the US.

    2. @Xcris crosX What? Do you live on a different planet? Are you forgetting the the years long investigation that found nothing? The statements by members of the media that were recorded saying the whole russia thing was ‘a nothing burger’?
      There’s far more evidence that the Biden family are corrupt than there ever was for Trump yet no investigation. The hypocrisy eye watering.

    1. Dude this might sound crazy but I think because of his position, he’s the most likely catalyst to bring down the entire Trump regime.

    1. @T. R. Campbell and pointing at inner cities and saying that’s where the racism is is bs look at your history it is the south that historically has been predominantly racist and it’s the south that has been republicans and your saying there is no correlation there? Why explain that

    2. @T. R. Campbell again you provided no data just because you call it that doesn’t make it so. Neither of us has at this point when you provide links to your “evidence” or “cold hard data” maybe then you can make that claim.if that is your standard for data I honestly feel bad for you.

    3. @Los 1 Concerning your last sentence, of the election was not stole. Joe won the election and we have democrat control of both the House and the Senate and the presidency. I don’t know why you are so confused about this. Joe won. Six out of eight of my clients also won the election and reelection to state and national office. I am very proud of this. I now have five new clients for the next election. I have the reputation of giving sound political advice.
      I think your question is rather silly.

    4. @Los 1 I was just re-reading your post and I don’t believe any of the Trumpsters people have agreed with me. My point was, they have taken a page from your playbook. They are doing the same thing that we have done. That’s not a lie that is the absolute truth. I don’t believe the Trump people of ever said that, I don’t know of one and I don’t know where you were getting your information.
      Imitation is a form of flattery and everything that we complain about the Republicans do, we started. They’re taking a page from your playbook on most everything and then we get our panties in a twist.
      But this is politics which is a game played by adults and perhaps you haven’t reached that level yet because you seem to be elation out for no reason. Try having a good weekend, stay safe stay healthy and be careful.

    5. From the very top to the bottom. Imagine we the people are paying their salaries. Are they working on behalf of this country. Or hoping just to get re-elected.

    1. Mass media definitely is part and parcel. Sometimes it seems like We live in one huge advertisement. Fox propaganda ministry for instance. Pure advertisement. Not an honest ad either.

    1. Or as one commenter, maybe Professor Melissa Murphy…. MAGA=Make Attorney’s, Get Attorneys!

    1. Exactly. That “type’ of Republican is in all the state and federal legislatures. They all think they’re heroes but they’re all just bullying fools. The bigger problem is the voters, they don’t like their traditional Repub party so are putting in idiots. It’s about time the Repub party held some town halls and reached out to their base and start acting like representatives.

    1. He looks like he is on crack. All that pacing & rambling, yep another republican meth head nothing new.

  8. This nation is in the hands of vile corruption that’s been stewing for decades and now its fermented.

  9. He’s still grifting! Eliminate his presidential ‘perks’! He was NEVER a president!

    1. We pay taxes so secret service can protect him… he’s filthy rich, he can afford his own security, yet they complain about their taxes being used for planned parenthood, they call it unconstitutional, what about my right to not pay for billionaires to have tax funded security

    2. @flamingo boot And then it turns out some Billionaires don’t even pay taxes. And yet they complain! People with money who are so greedy should be ashamed. Talk about legal wrong.

    3. @Rod No, you sound like a typical Trumper who doesn’t understand the nuance of a statement… Yes, he was THE president, but he never acted like A president. He got the job, but didn’t do the job. That’s what they are saying.

    4. He was a rubber stamp for whatever party allowed him to run, ended up being the republicans because the liberals would have destroyed him in a primary

  10. “John Mitchell, former US Attorney General is wearing prison clothes.” Sessions and Barr should take note of this.

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