‘It Doesn’t Appear This Strike Succeeded’: Sen. Murphy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., says the United States is not safer following the killing of Gen. Soleimani, and he also discusses transferring articles of impeachment to the Senate. Aired on 01/09/20
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'It Doesn't Appear This Strike Succeeded': Sen. Murphy | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. reopen the hearing in the house and submit new evidence from witness and call trump to testify keep the fire burning till april

    1. @brian gardner if the Russia thing was dead people wouldn’t keep bringing it up. Plus people don’t want another war. Trumps toast.

  2. If Murphy understands what Pelosi is doing then why is he in such a hurry to start the trial…..hmmm???

    1. @Marcus Guzman ummm triggered aren’t you? I didn’t even say half the stuff you even said. But bih ain’t nobody scared of you

    2. @Walking In Truth & Knowledge no. it’s not because “it’s a show”..
      it’s because they want to hurry it along so voters will forget about him being impeached around voting time ..
      they think less of you than you even imagine.

      But keep thinking that everyone has the emotional maturity level of junior high and they think it’s about hating people and getting back at people… like we’re on a Cheesy soap opera that 12 years watch lol

    3. @Walking In Truth & Knowledge you think anybody’s triggered when they respond to you in ANY way, for ANY reason..
      That basically lets everyone know that ignoring you is the best solution you’ve given everybody..

      So why bother speaking here at all. if all you see are ‘triggered people’ you clearly don’t know what the f*** is going on.

      No , it’s probably because it’s easier for you to think everybody is according to what YOU think they are…

      Most people wouldn’t even bother responding to you wit something honest…but I’m giving you a gift.
      most people walk away from this stupid s*** and let you live in ignorance, letting you believe the stupid images you’ve assumed are real.

      You’re welcome, and wake the up to the fact your not realistic…
      Internet or not.

    4. @Li Raven you’re triggered as well writing multiple comments that have nothing to do with you

    1. @Adventure54 all true! Thank-you! If people would stop watching some of the anchors on fox n friends… they b better off getting to know the truth all around! Listen to the Judge & the other slim older guy with the glasses… they speak the truth!

    2. Adventure54 hopefully she holds on to it until election time when the house flips again and they take a vote to overturn it.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Eamon O’Connell Trump doesn’t need your guns. He has the military. Fascists seek power, you handed that to them.

    2. I think lyin trump thrives on keeping everything constantly stirred up so nobody can concentrate on the crap he is really working on–keeping his pockets full—keeping russia closely involved in our elections–collecting enoulments by the millions from political moves–considering himself as a god & a person that honestly thinks he knows everything & he really believes that—Today ,when he made his entrance on stage thru the brilliantly bright (heavenly bright lights )–set up for him & by him–to look that way was more than I would have ever believed if I had not actually seen it—Now I don’t care who you are —if you don’t think there has to be something wrong with trumps head you maybe should make an appointment yourself–just watch his stage entrance video !!!

    1. @AL- BOT The house had the chance to allow the courts to rule on whether those people had to show up. The House chose not to. Those witnesses are gone now because of that impatience due to politics. Cheers

    2. foreigner fan we would have seen the relevant witnesses if they weren’t blocked by Trump. It’s not too late, we can still hear from them. Unless they all know it will sink this president…hmmm

    3. foreigner fan that’s not quite correct. The democrats felt it was better to go ahead with the witnesses they had & not drag it out for months in the courts. Trump should never have blocked any witnesses. I don’t think Clinton did that, but correct me if I’m wrong. If Trump is guilty of trying to get a foreign entity involved in the next election (for his own benefit) then dragging out the court beyond the 2020 election would just be irresponsible.

    1. Hey Sandy Dix– Your BIG IGNORANT mouth is a danger to YOURSELF.

      Solemani killed thousands ALL OVER THE WORLD.

      Ask the Iranian people who live in the USA. They are THRILLED with our president.

      Solemani killed their families.

    2. @Mirz_786 Really?????
      Tell that to our disabled military who are missing legs, arms etc. due to Solemani.

      Who planned the attack on our embassy???

    3. @CRICKET MICKEY Mickey, I respect all those that serv. But America has no business in the Middle East or interfering in any sovereign country, especially under false pretenses. I feel bad for those soldiers who are serving greedy rich men and their corporate interests. I am sorry your government lies to all of you. God bless

    4. sandy dix, trump is dangerous to America first and foremost. The Roman Empire started dying from the inside first.

  3. Seeing all that’s happened in a week, one should be realistically terrified as to what will happen in 4 more years of this Bozo in Chief.

    1. @Leonie Romanes it was also about the same with Obama look at a graph. True its an issue, but at least we’re doing better economically and were experiencing growth with zero inflation. You have to look at the overall economic picture. You won’t get the real story from CNN or MSNBC, their terrified to tell the truth. WATCH THE BUSINESS REPORT, you’ll see the reality, and its all good.

    2. @Bryanx1964 because Obama inherited massive national debt from the Bush administration. Which he successfully lowered over his two terms. Now the deficit is surging again under Trump. Trump is bankrupting the US, just like he bankrupted every business he ever ran.

    3. @Leonie Romanes Thats just not true at all. The debt was also exploding under Obama. Check a graph, its easy enough. Also the economy is amazing, new trade deals, jobs up , wages up, zero inflation, 6 million people OFF welfare. Millions off food stamps. I agree the debt is an issue, but Obama had the same problem. Your in ” economic boom denial”. You must have cried all night when Hillary lost. Get the tissues ready. Trumps economy will guarantee another win, just turn off CNN and put on the business report.

    4. @Bryanx1964 You demonstrate the very short-sighted mentality that nurtures the beast of Revelation’s rise to power, and the same that will indeed take it’s mark in order to buy and sell. Your business report is nothing but a report about how well man’s own self-made golden calf is doing. The golden calf isn’t necessary, and is understood to be the root of all evil by those who understand, respect, and seek to follow Christ.
      Perhaps, you’re an atheist. If so, check into what environmental sciences have been and are still telling us about that consumer capitalist/materialist/golden calf serving way of life and how UNSUSTAINABLE it is.
      Compare that to Christ’s very clear attempts to teach and lead people away from that mentality. Basically, Christ said we shouldn’t be that way…, and now science has observed and is telling us why we shouldn’t and cannot continue being that way (as in “unsustainable”).

      Or perhaps you’re a blood red evangelical, in denial of environmental sciences while claiming to be so tight with Christ (while not knowing, understanding, or even attempting to follow Him)?
      Read what Christ said about trying to serve two masters…, it fits like a custom tailored glove.

  4. Why all the sniff sniff sniff, and the slurred speech.
    Sounds like someone has an adderal habit. Sniff, sniff.

    1. @David Garcia Jr Obama rescued the economy Bush trashed. And yet we’re supposed believe all these horror stories about a black man stealing these guy’s lunch money.

    2. @Leonie Romanes trust me I get you. That’s why I even bothered to ask. Whoever has been president hasn’t effected my ability to have money in my pocket directly. I did get the stimulus package from Obama though and I wasn’t mad at it.

    3. @David Garcia Jr I’m in total agreement with you. I’m sick of all the weak excuses for Trumps incompetence. And I noticed he still hasn’t answered your question.

  5. There was no threat of an incoming attack. Iran have said multiple times this strike is just the beginning and they want America expelled from the Middle East. I’m not sure Trump is really up to the job of handling this.

    1. It’s already been handled…Of course, you and your dumbshit friends aren’t getting the message on this channel and of course, you never will as long as you remain here…you folks are pathetic.

  6. What about the fact that Eric Trump was consulted in advance AND LEAKED it!? What about the fact Eric Trump runs Trump’s businesses? What about the fact that knowing in advance about an act of war puts Eric in a position to adjust various investments?!

    1. Yes! The USA is now an oligarchy…with big Trump as the authoritarian ruler. Why does your average underpaid American NOT see that the only thing Trump cares about is Trump (i.e.-cares only for shameless self-promotion, his ego and his finances)? One just has to see a speech by the true author of “The Art of the Deal” at Oxford Union (Oxford University)-Tony Schwarz(via Youtube). He has spent more time getting to know the ‘real Trump’ by writing this book- more than his wives/girlfriends. It is an ominous and insightful look into why Trump became President and why he has support. This is one man who speaks the truth!

    2. Correct like Trump pulled us out from helping our allies the Kurds leaving them to be slaughtered by Turkey where he has a Trump Tower Turkey Instanbul.

  7. I don’t care what anybody says.. something fishy is going on with this administration, and they are trying everything in their power to conceal the truth.. but I pray God will allow the truth to be reveal…

    1. They are carrying out the orders of their Israeli Zionist Masters. This whole war on the middle East of for Israel.

  8. Why don’t you all understand why Pelosi is holding the articles?!? We all want a fair trial! That’s why! Jesus!

    1. @Marcus Guzman you read the Bible?
      tell me where did you go to Hebrew school in order to read it..?
      Enough with referencing a book that most people don’t believe in it doesn’t strengthen your argument at all

    2. Li Raven , get this , it isn’t obstruction, when congress didn’t let the court decide if the President can use “ executive privilege “ as a reason to not allow people that work close to him , to testify
      I know you master race democrats think that if democrats want something , then you should get it because you’re democrats.

    3. The Clinton impeachment trial rules where agreed on by ALL 100 senators, including crying chuck , the 🐢 has said the senate will proceed with the precedent , now for some reason democrats don’t think that’s fair , any sane person can deduce the democrats think that way is because , they know that actual fairness gets a verdict democrats don’t want

  9. No it didn’t succeed, Donnie Dumbfuck and the Evil Empire will have to try to provoke Iran all over again.

    1. Talk to all the families of dead from the bombed civilian aircraft. That’s all on bone spurs and his enablers. All of the dead.

    2. Alex Hamilton Oh good grief. It was Iraqis who stormed the embassy not Iranians. Which was as a result of the US killing the militia the people supported. It doesn’t matter if they’re supported by Iran, cause they were Iraqis. Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. Physically restrained … you mean darted by the WH vet. Mattis left when he figured out who the actual ‘Mad Dog’ was.

    1. Radwulf Eboraci … physically restrained🤣🤣😳. That fool is so wired on Adderall they have to physically restrain him or he’d be bouncing off of bloody walls.

  11. The fact we are talking about how Republicans don’t want to hear evidence, proves with out a doubt that they know Trump is guilty and should be removed!

    1. @Alex M Your statement is misleading, some of the people in the Congress don’t want a fair trial. There are many, almost half, that do.

    2. @berdboy All caps, must be serious. There is lots of evidence, just because you don’t want to believe it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It just means you can’t handle Trump is a criminal. The sooner you admit you are wrong about Trump, the sooner we can move forward and regain our national dignity.


  12. This Iran ASSASSINATION is another example of abuse of power – IMPEACH the Clown Again with new articles!!! Thank you Donald Trump for WIII

    1. @Cadet Bone Spurs if they have equal power,why is pelosi tying to quid pro quo the Senate into changing the rules to fit their narrative ?

    2. @Jelly Belly they cant even get one fact on the impeachment fail pelosi is holding hostage now!!
      Thats why shes trying to quid pro quo McConnell !! Her own party is turning on her !! Fienstein told her to put up or shut up ! 6 other Democrats have called for her to release the articles or keep them and drop it!! cowards way out !!

    3. @Jelly Belly the truth !! Millons of dollars and they wasted an entire year in the house with no accomplishments except the unethical , unfair, partisan and corrupt impeachment for things the Democrats have done themselves !! Trump 2020 and cry all you want !! New commerce dept report out today !! Trade deals worked , taxes worked ,first time in many years for debt reduction from a very prosperous economy !! Trumps policies are working !!

    1. chynz330 War crimes??? Are you upset that the terrorist was killed? Maybe you should go to Iran and give hugs. What an imbecile!

  13. thanks to trumpler, russia, china, north korea, and iran are all stronger, and america weaker.

    so much winning.

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