Nancy Pelosi: I’ll Send Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate ‘When I’m Ready’ | MSNBC

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., stood by her decision to withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate but said she would not hold them indefinitely. Aired on 01/09/20.
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Nancy Pelosi: I'll Send Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate 'When I'm Ready' | MSNBC


  1. Please get out in public as much evidence, documents and testimony as possible before delivering impeachment articles to Senate. Evidence first, trial after. MAGAts don’t care, but the rest of us do.


    2. @Dizzy Duke THEN WHY DOES NANCY STILL HAVE THE ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT…YEP…. NO CASE!………………REMEMBER MUELLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It is certainly a violation of her constitutional duties…

      Treason implies dubious intent.

  2. This will drive the potty training adderal addict into a 3 am twitterpade from the commode…LMFAO! *clapping hands in slo-mo*

    1. @mike swiental …. yeah, and you and Juan Diaz were married last week in Frisco. What are you two love birds whining about!

  3. What exactly does the senate do these days? They literally haven’t done a single thing in like months. House passed over a 100 bills that are just dying at the hands of Moscow Mitch.
    Thanks for nothing. Literally.

    1. ​@Andy C “greatest presidents of our lifetime?” 🤔

    2. Ro G
      Him or Reagan. The difference with Trump is he had to lead the country with a corrupt congress watching his every move and in no way willing to work with him.
      What’s your favorite policy the democrats have passed in the last 2 years ??? I’ll wait

  4. MITCH: WE deserve the right to hear the first hand witnesses and documents. Every time you open your mouth you tell us you don’t care and we don’t have that right!

    1. Impeach Peloisi. Its unconstitutional for her to try and control House and Senate. Senate did not tell the House how to do their job.
      GOP complained about House partisian hearings. How does it feel?

    2. @Mark bodman 👄The hearings were not partisan! rethugs were represented…they had no substantive debate, so they tried to turn the hearings into their usual circus performance!!!

  5. I hope the House subpoenas Bolton before they send over the articles.
    Moscow Mitch has made it clear that he is only interested in a “Jim Crow” trial.

    1. @Andy C ….Oh Andy honey….are your widdle feelings hurt. Maybe papps Trump can kiss your boo-boo and you’ll feel all better.

    2. Alton Bay
      My feelings are fine. I think it’s hilarious to watch democrats fail! You know this is their 7th attempt at a fake impeachment 😂😂😂😂🤣

  6. If both sides agreed to have witnesses called for the impeachment trial, it would DECIMATE the Republican Party, therefore, Moscow Mitch won’t allow that to happen.!!!

    1. The moscow collusion is over. Bill Clinton was indicted with 11 charges, Trump 0. The difference. Even with 17 Democratic lawyer with Muller.

    2. Impeach or no impeach but at the end, Trump acquit in Senate and Trump will win election in 2020. Trump may not win popular votes but electoral. Look at past president, most of them have 2 terms.

  7. “Documents, witnesses, facts, truth;  that’s what they’re afraid of”, Nancy Pelosi . Those are things the guilty are always afraid of .

    1. @Naomi Ogle Look that’s over with whether you like it or not. when you keep bring it up it just shows desperation and that never looks good in a defense.

    2. I mean,if the truth mattered, why were articles of impeachment rushed in an unprecedented mockery of justice by the Dems in the house?

  8. These american traitors are afraid to be identified,but the people know who they are,,and their days of obsruction are over blue wave will come for all of them….

  9. Pelosi to Senate ” What are the rules on Impeachment hearing going to be ? ”
    Senate to Pelosi ” None of your frickin business “

    1. Right on Drew. She can & should hang onto it for as long as it takes to set fair, honest ground rules for allowing documents, witnesses and evidence.

    1. That McConnell’s job.
      Why do you think Pelosi is holding off sending the articles – so Mitch can throw them in the garbage?

    1. @wandering spirit a defendant never gets to call witnesses during an investigation, that is what a trial is for. While these aren’t legal proceedings, they are roughly equivalent. Apply some logic.

    2. @wandering spirit – There were no restrictions on republican committee members from asking questions.

    3. @some guy what about this so called whistle blower that had 3rd hand information but wasn’t aloud to speak thanks to adam shifty shiff. House democrats changed the rules at the last minute when before you had to have first hand knowledge. You are completely ignoring that this is a political game. Impeachment document’s still in the hand’s of Pelosi. Doesn’t it even bother you how this is being handled ? Would you have the same so called legal response if this sham was happening to someone you know ???

    1. You call fake articles of impeachment and holding them until the election slapping someone around? Wow

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