1. I can’t even begin to think about how sick these politicians are and babies are out here suffering.

    1. @Captain_Context Oh lord not you still commenting? You dont know how to read. The questions you asked about this video……..

    2. ​@Captain_Context That is what the government is for. Government should be weak, out of the way, in so much as is possible. But when there is an emergency, such as national defense, or national emergency, that is when government should jump into action.
      Think of it as the fire department — you don’t want them running our lives on a daily basis, but you sure want them if there is a fire.

    3. @Captain_Context ok but our government forced a baby formula factory to shut down, a factory responsible for producing 40% of our formula.

  2. Now, this is where the government needs to fine these companies for that. I mean pice that high. I won’t lie if I was in her shoes I would pray over my breast and feed that baby. Nobody has that much money to pay these clowns for this. 300 plus dollars are you crazy. Or either that company needs to give her back her money

  3. If such a dependence is created by the powers that be, which is total bullkrap, then you damn well better make sure you have supply. With baby formula, it’s a matter of life and death. P. S. Price gouging is completely disgusting and unacceptable 🤮 🤑

  4. The FDA were told about the unsafe formula in October by a whistleblower. They didn’t look into this until December and nothing was looked into until December. There only 4 companies controlling the making of formula in the US. There needs to be more competition so there isn’t a shortage again.

    1. @bngr bngr You can’t say dumpster didn’t pull back food safety and cause this – 2 babies died, add them to the million preventasble ‘sniffles’

    1. Special formula for my child means a formula made with special engineered micro proteins small enough so that the body does not have an allergic reaction. It is 8 dollars per 8 ounce bottle and has 45 calories per ounce(yes very hi). Typically a child with these needs dies in infantcy- she is 6 years old now and is fed via a special stomach tube. ( mik-key button)

    2. @Captain_Context you do realize some women just can’t produce breast milk and some babies hit can’t breast feed. You do realize if a mother stops Breast feeding in less than a month her milk is gone. So yeah before baby formula a lot of babies died. You aren’t arguing for babies to die right?

  5. Aaaaaaaand what did parents feed their children before there was such a thing as “special formula” ?? Cant people feed their kids now? Where is the crisis here.

    1. My daughter is having no problem feeding her infant, because she is a good mother, and breastfeeds.

    2. @Gwen Verde That’s complete bull. I had a lot of breastfeeding friends, back in the 1980s, and none of us ever used formula. Only about 1% of mothers can’t produce enough milk. There is no need to supplement with formula. I never did. My daughter never did. My mother never did. Nor my grandmothers.

    3. @Deborah Freedman Mrs Judgemental – that was 40 years ago. And who are you to say only 1% of mothers cant produce enough milk. I am shaking my head at your narrowmindedness…….

  6. The same people that are crying about big government are now wanting the government to fix the baby formula shortage. I don’t think they have a department for that. 😳

    1. Republicans? We were never against Big Government, we were against no rules. There needs to be strict rules that they’re not allowed to break, and must be required to enforce. We got the rules, but they’re ignored, so what good is the bill of rights?

  7. I used to donate extra breastmilk to our local milk bank when I had my babies. It isn’t hard to share if you are breastfeeding and CAN. I can’t imagine lying awake worrying how your kiddos aren’t getting what they need. Check the banks if that’s an option. I don’t know anything about formula though, I didn’t have to use it. Good luck 🍀 mommy’s, babies and families..♥️ They should be reimbursed for having to pay the huge prices right now while worrying about something they didn’t deserve to go through. These are KIDS. 🤨

    1. You have to be very careful. You can’t trust anyone now a days and not knowing what people are putting in there bodies! I would not recommend this to anyone!!!

    2. I did the same, and donated the extra milk I pumped. If all mothers who could produce milk, did, there wouldn’t be any problem.

  8. I would not dream of having a kid with the way everything is now. Feel terrible for these parents and the children.

    1. My daughter has a two month old. She never noticed the formula shortage, because she is a good mother, and breastfeeds.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Deborah Freedman, the “woman’s right advocate” who supports abortion wholeheartedly and claims to support every woman, who also cuts down women who formula feed. Nice personality, Debdeb.

    3. @Deborah Freedman Some good mothers CAN’T breastfeed. Don’ give that nonesense. Quit judging others. That is part of the problem!

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  9. Im almost 36 weeks pregnant this is my 2nd child my first was born early and my milk didn’t supply her enough due to various factors imma try even harder to not give up Breastfeeding im so worried.

    1. Maybe Pete Buttigieg or Anderson Cooper can give you advice on what got them though the breastfeeding months!

  10. And that right there is exactly why you don’t let companies monopolize.

    You’re supposed to have a variety of companies because if one of them fucked up then everybody screwed

    Everybody’s finding it out the hard way right now

  11. This is highway robbery along with everything else in this country. I feel so sorry for these mothers. I’m not a mom but I have empathy for them. What is the cost of living going to be in 7 years when I can retire at 67. Not right.

  12. Global Market. Incase anyone was wondering 30 years ago “why are people upset by free trade agreements?” Or, “What’s wrong with outsourcing?” Or, “what’s so wrong with companies opening plants outside the US?” Well….pay attention, because we’re all feeling it now. Chip shortages, fuel shortages, baby formula. When you put the manufacturing power of our nation into the hands of third world nations or our enemies (China), then you’re asking for this.

  13. It’s ridiculous the US is so dependent on one baby formula producer! Here in Europe we have a healthy competition between baby formula suppliers.

    1. Abott supplies 43% of american formula.. mainly Similac and its sister companies, and then Nestle/Johnson & Johnson provide about 30% and the rest is made up of individual stores making their generic versions. So that 43% coming from Abbott manufacturing, it’s all made at ONE PLANT in Sturgis,Michigan! That’s the big issue in my opinion. Not so much that Similac has these government contracts with Women and Infant Childrens program, that’s fine in my opinion, it’s that it’s all made in 1 damn plant!

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