1. @Tex AJP This was never solution for Putin. He always wanted to control Ukraine. He was never concerned about NATO and why should he be. NATO has never placed any nukes on territory of any of the post-Warsaw countries it accepted and it sure wasn’t going to place any in Ukraine either. Ukraine was fully justified to seek protection of NATO from Russia as other countries did and NATO even refused to grand it membership so what the hell are you talking about. And If you consider that a valid reason to have a war and genocide unleashed against itself, you should seek professional help.

    2. Seems To Look Very Similar To The Tent Cities You Can See In Many Urban Areas These Days! But Lets Spend Billions Of Tax Dollars On Weapons To Ukraine Before Looking After Needy U.S. Citizens!

  1. So sad, even for the doggos.
    Ukrainians are thoughtful and caring people. That’s why they suffer at the hands of evil.

    1. If they was so thoughtful they wouldn’t take our 40 billion dollars that the us people need

  2. It’s horrible that all these citizens have to go through all these hardships. Losing loved ones, losing their homes, their peace and security being shattered! Is Russia pleased with itself? Does hurting the citizens the way they have make them feel more powerful?!

    1. That’s America right now , no doubt these people need help but we got a homeless problem raging here. However we don’t cover that much it the drugs and crime we get propaganda and hot gas.

  3. I think of these families every time a plane goes overhead here in U.S. I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to listen if it’s “one of ours or one of theirs”. I don’t have to worry if it will drop bombs to destroy my house as it’s flying over. They’ve had to live like this underground in a cold concrete subway for two months now. 💙💛

    1. @Clint Coop
      Of course not, darling. My hot, little ancient, garum! 💋💖💋

      *BOO* I’m watching you. 😎

      ✌️ Sweetie. All you need is love and you KNOW I love you. 💞

  4. Bless the heroes 💙 SlavaUkraine 🇺🇸 you will prevail.🌻🌻🌻🦋🦋🦋💛💙💛💙💛🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. My God, my heart goes out to these people. I just can’t imagine what they are going through.

    1. @Carl Cushman Hybels do not wish Ukrainians what you do not wish for yourself. sometimes it crashes. will fly to you

  6. I wish she would be able to see this, the red haired lady in the areas down below for trains where they’ve been asked to leave, who said “No one is listening to us” but WE ARE!! We’re listening, watching, crying with our hearts breaking, we’re pushing our governments and others to help, to stop it, it may not seem enough, but we will keep doing what we can, we are listening.

    Kia kaha Ukraine no Aotearoa
    It means stay strong Ukraine from New Zealand

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    1. I watched a video about an animal shelter in Ukraine, Russian soldiers killed many of them, many starved to death, some dogs managed to escape. Because of constant bombardment young dogs turned grey.

  7. Those people are very strong to stay in the subway with no Comforts of home.
    This is what war does. It hurts the sick and old and women and children

  8. I love Biden!
    Thanks for the inflation. I just bought the gas three times that I used to buy 2 years ago. Glad that he need to build Ukraine first and later take care of 🇺🇸.
    Team Biden 2024♥️♥️♥️♥️

  9. Seeing old people and children suffering , being killed breaks my heart . I just wonder why human beings inflicts such suffering to other human beings .
    Can’t we all love one another regardless of , races , tribes , countries and gender ??
    Imagine what would become of this beautiful world if we all embraced LOVE .
    Praying for peace in Ukraine 🇺🇦 and the whole world 🙏

  10. ⚠Ukraine’s armed formations continue to openly and widely use health and cultural institutions, residential buildings, churches, kindergartens and schools and other civilian facilities to shelter military units and deploy weapons, while there is no question of evacuating civilians from these facilities and thousands of people are being held by the nationalists as human shield:

    🔹members of Ukrainian armed formations have equipped strongholds in and around pre-school and general education facilities in Kramatorsk (School No. 31), Slavaynsk (Schools No. 12, 20, kindergartens No. 15 and 23) and Druzhkovka (School No. 8) in the Donetsk People’s Republic, they placed ammunition depots and heavy weapons, including artillery and MLRS, while residents of nearby houses are forcibly kept in basements without water and food under the pretext of ensuring their safety;

    🔹in Bakhmut, Donetsk People’s Republic, nationalists have equipped firing positions and sniper points on the upper floors of apartment buildings on Defenders of Ukraine Street, the approaches to the buildings are mined, but the local population is deliberately not informed about this.

    ❗It should be noted that, to date, the World Health Organisation has still not adequately assessed the use by the nationalists of medical facilities as strongholds and firing points for combat operations, rather than for the direct purpose of providing medical care.

    #MoD #Russia #Ukraine #HumanitarianResponse #HumanitarianAid

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