‘It Scares My Daughter And It Scares Me’: Rep. Newman Reacts To Anti-Trans Laws 1

‘It Scares My Daughter And It Scares Me’: Rep. Newman Reacts To Anti-Trans Laws


Rep. Greene hung an anti-trans sign across the hall from Rep. Marie Newman, mother of a trans daughter. “Marjorie Taylor Greene told the world who she was with that hateful sign and her hateful behavior,” says Rep. Newman. 
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  1. I was waiting for the Federal law to kick in! Why would they (repubics) constantly fight a losing battle! TRANSGENDERS ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! TRANSGENDERS ARE LARGE AND IN CHARGE, AIN’T GOING BACK IN THE CLOSETS!

    1. @All Hope Is Lost Barfing? Third grade insults from a third rate mind. You haven’t provided a verifiable resource or citation; just smear & jab.

    2. @Maga Forever But you wouldn’t make a wedding cake for one/them. It would be outside your beliefs.

    3. @CShield We’re responding to a troll/bot. It’s almost entertaining, but it’s repeating itself. Stuck in a loop.

    4. @Amanda Wilcox I don’t bake cakes for anyone, I leave that for the ladies.
      But as a mechanic i would still fix their car.. Money is green no matter who it comes from.

  2. Some areas of the state are without running water. Opioids are ravaging entire families. At least these GQPers have their priorities straight.

    1. @Jonathan Mol Well technically they’re not. They’ll never actually be the gender they want. They’ll always be different regardless of the surgery or treatments they receive. But they do deserve to be treated like human beings like everyone else. I think they should be able to adopt and get married. Live happy lifes. But if they want to have a sports team they’re going to have to have a transgender branch or something. Because regardless of what we want to say they are. It doesn’t change their lung capacities, it doesn’t change their skeletal structure, and their muscles distribution. Their DNA and chromosomes can’t be changed. So they are different no matter how PC we want to be. No matter how much we can support them as friends and family. They’re different only in the terms of a label only. They’ll always be what they were born.

    2. @Linda name Laws are being passed in a number of states to protect athletes with XX chromosomes. Approximately 35 bills have been introduced by state legislators that would limit or prohibit transgender women from competing in women’s athletics, Source: LGBTQ rights group Freedom for All Americans.

  3. There is no place for this level of institutionalized vicious hate and oppression in a civil society. This cowardly bigotry must end.

    1. I don’t think the sports ban bill is any of those things. They’re removing the trans kids from school, they’re not even stopping the trans kids from playing sports, they simply saying that allowing biological boys to compete as girls against other girls undermines the integrity of female sports.

    2. @Zach Rollins I’m sorry but I can’t have an intellectual debate with you if you’re going to be blatantly ignorant

    3. @Zach Rollins you’re saying that if a biological woman didn’t want to compete against biological men in a woman’s sport then they should go pound sand???

    4. Castration for elementary school boys…you’re right, that doesn’t happen in a civilized society.

    5. I support athletes with XX chromosomes. In what authoritarian, intolerant society is that wrong?

    1. @Amanda Wilcox I just said what My experience was……..the modern day Left are more often than not the actual bigots and racists in most scenarios

    1. It says that everyone is Equal that everybody has a right to live their life. When we start judging people for who they are it is sickening it just shows how the Democrats are open minded and understanding of the whole situations not just trans people’s

  4. I can’t name one positive bill Republicans have passed.. Not one. Everything they do is aimed hurting those whom they feel are beneath them. They’re driven by power and lining their pockets with dark money. How sad is it to hurt innocent children who are transgendered through no fault of their own. Such a sad group of people.

    1. @Zach Rollins Wait, I think I’ve got the wrong end of the stick. You were talking about Z Ham, not me. But, in fact, my first comment was regarding S M’s comment, not Z Ham.

    1. @mike hunt You are foolish if you think I would divulge such information. Nice immature name, too.


    1. I’m pretty sure that an adolescent child isn’t going to compete like Usian Bolt, but hey let’s protest what if!

    2. No, the truth matters. We can just believe whatever we want. There’s a logic to life, and we must respect it.

  6. Why make laws that directly hurt children or anybody with discriminating laws? Time for ppl to stop judging others and look at themselves It ppl are happy let them be HAPPY

  7. Are the population of transgender women so big that allowing them to participate in women sport will deny women opportunities to grow in women sports? What is the data and statistics?

  8. Why don’t we just take the “men” and “women” or of the argument and just have co-ed sports? Would that appease all parties involved?

  9. Trans are humans too and they can join any sports group they want but is this fair towards the other players competing?

  10. Any parent that believes a grown man should use the same bathroom as your young daughter should have their head examined and be charged for endangering the welfare of a child

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