Beto On Voting Rights Activism: 'No More Tweeting And Facebook' 1

Beto On Voting Rights Activism: ‘No More Tweeting And Facebook’


“We need to get out there in person and in public—no more tweeting and Facebook and calling folks. We have got to show up and demonstrate. I think that’s what moves things in this country,” says Beto O’Rourke on the fight against voter suppression across the country.  
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    1. @Seymour Butts Sideliners are historically the first target to be put down before donkeys and elephants go to war with each other. Pick a side or be the first target.

    2. @TheZarricCorporate interests donate money to both parties no one ever asks them to pick a side.

  1. I think compulsory voting much like in Australia is a great idea.

    If your vote is suppressed, taxes should not be paid.

    1. @Kai SchmidtI disagree. If one loses a job or is disabled for whatever reason, you don’t lose your citizenship, and all citizens should vote. Even the billionaires that don’t work or pay taxes.

  2. The right to vote is easy in any democracy. For example, in Costa Rica (CR), all citizens have a universal ID, the “cédula de identidad”. The state give it to every adult citizen (adults in Costa Rica are people with 18 years old or more).
    CR use a universal system of vote for all citizens in Costa Rica or forenig contries. The people in the jail can vote.
    The vote supression is against the law in CR.
    The last civil war, in 1948, was against vote supression.

  3. Beto the clown. His name is FRANCIS, not Beto. His politician father had him change his name to Beto as a way to pander to Hispanics in Texas. The guy is a spoiled rich never worked a day in his life fraud.

    1. @Nuts Flexington Ted is a nickname for Edward which happens to be Ted Cruz’s middle name. He is Hispanic and white. Beto isn’t Hispanic at all. He’s just white, but since you’re VERY anti-Trump. That argument works for you, right? Cue the hateful name calling cuz why not?

    2. @Dirty Red
      I’ve been on YouTube for years.
      Want to do something about it?
      Thought so. Find a seat.

    3. @liammaxsmama
      Cruz goes by Ted because he has to hide his Hispanic heritage around Trump’s base.

    4. @liammaxsmama
      Beto happens to be a nickname for Robert, which is O’Rourke’s actual first name. His parents called him that in childhood because he grew up in El Paso, which is mostly Hispanic.
      So he may have been using a Spanish nickname to sound more Hispanic than “Robert,” while Cruz used an Anglo nickname to sound less Hispanic than “Rafael.” They both did it before having political ambition, so I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  4. When you live in reality it must be embarrassing to be a leftist nowadays

    1. @Jimmy Ritter Morals require an actual belief in something greater. Something the left can’t even seem to comprehend.

  5. Oh no Biden loves Black people just listen to how he used to talk about them!Lady stfu! Biden does not like Black people lady! He said you can’t even afford attorneys or accountants come on now

    1. I don’t think he said they couldn’t afford them. I believe he said they didnt even know what they were.

  6. Democrats have to import Illegal immigrants into the country, because they can’t get Americans to vote for them.

    1. They’re in for a rude awakening when they find out all the Central Americans are Red to the core. Jesus, Family and Guns.

    1. Blacks don’t know how to get an ID?? That is insulting to the black community. We all Americans have to get an ID. In all developed countries if you don’t have an ID you don’t exist.

    2. We do have places where getting an ID is like riding a unicycle on a slip-n-slide. It can be done, but it’s hard. ID places have been shut down, folks can’t drive/get a ride to the closest one, and (assuming getting an ID online was even an option) folks don’t have internet access. Yes, having an ID is important so it should be just a matter of going down to the local police station and getting one (if the DMV nearest you has been closed).

    1. That would be impressive, knee, except that 2020 has been the biggest voter turnout ever, whatever color you’re taking into account. Under those circumstances, it’s ratios that count

    2. @Guided Meditation Actually 11 million more votes. And obama got 4 million less votes his 2nd term and won. Makes since..


  7. The Democrat party has done so much for black people.. really? I’ve always been struck by their racist view that black people simply aren’t capable of making their own way. It’s pathetic really. If black people organized and split their vote they would not be taken for granted any longer.

    1. Online spreadsheets after the 2020 selection showed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of strong DNC/black areas and most of them showed a voter turnout of only about 15% while in nearby GOP areas the voter turnout was about 85% —- Yet they want us to believe Biden got more votes than any president in American history. Biden doesn’t like Black people and Black people don’t like Biden. It is a mutual dislike and distrust for each other. This is why so many people are not buying the results of the Machines in the 2020 selection.

    2. Dems are much more likely to help people through setting up a Level Playing Field rather than starting out with the odds against people in a certain group or groups.

    3. @Guided Meditation not sure of your sources so I won’t agree nor disagree with your stats. I’m just working as hard as I can to fight for voting rights for all Americans

  8. “they didn’t vote for him…” Well weird ..I know many “blacks” that DID… and still wear the shirts and hats in support of Trump..
    Oh that’s right, they don’t count right? Biden said they ain’t black for those actions..

  9. Lmao this is so biased. And what makes it funny is the press and the Democrats try to suppress the minority and blacks the most

    1. Plus look up the news story where they found massive voter fraud in Beto’s district and arrested several Democrats

    1. He has a big mouth that makes him look a little like Bobby Kennedy so they thought he would be a success. Never mind his character or brains. Dems only care about looks because they know that their handlers will decide everything for them. They just need somebody to read their teleprompters.

  10. We all know the only reason TX has Voter Suppression is because thats the only thing keeping our state “Red” when it would have been Blue by now

  11. Why did young Beto O’Rourke’s parents have to fire their Afro-American butler? He kept calling their son Master Beto..

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