1. Remembering that this whole mess is because one narcissist couldn’t accept that he lost and a bunch of cynical politicians realized they could use his psychopathy for their own cynical purposes.

  2. The situation is getting similar to the fascist rise in Italy. They did all this evil things and many opponents pointed it out and the fascists went “so what?” and carried on. If nobody in the leadership gets arrested for the attempted coupe then this will pretty much be the same.

    1. @WE THE PEOPLE 🗽 Just another troll busy with distraction and nonsense comments. Could it be any more obvious?

    2. @Anne Murphy you know who trolls, responds with absolutely nothing relevant and accuses people of what she’s guilty of ? Yepper, Anne Murphy… derp derp.

    3. @WE THE PEOPLE 🗽 My father is Dr. Richard T Quick MD, the criminally insane psychiatrist. He is also a die-hard Trump supporter. He is online because of this.

  3. People think that because there were “only” casualities and the coups failed, that it was “meh 🤷”. If there were casualties and/or they had succeeded, then it would be as big of a deal as when it happens in other countries. The fact that they’ve been able to waive it off and minimize it is just as much of a crime as the attempted coups itself. 😒

  4. I respect voting rights so I really dont care which party you pick, find your issues compare to your values and vote. However if you would vote for Trump again after all this you should be deported.

    1. To where? That is the question. You might consider obtaining the consent of other countries, hard thing as that may seem to you as Americans.

      But what a remarkable change of heart after Manifest Destiny. You no longer covet others’ land; instead, you wish to donate your citizens.

  5. The attention span of Americans must be on terminal life support if as a country we can’t concentrate on more than 1 or 2 things at once.

  6. The only thing that matters is that Democracy is upheld! All those other issues will never be solved if the country 😕 evolves into an authoritarian country. You will not have any rights and will not be able to protest for any. Those people who were interviewed, except the last older gentleman, are deliriously ridiculous.


  8. I am an independent, these hearings being on a lower level of importance means those individuals don’t understand how important these hearings are and know little if anything about history. Look to pre WWII
    Germany. We could so easily slide into the same situation as Germany faced then. The manipulation of voting rights through the courts by the GOP
    is frankly a direct threat to the freedom we have enjoyed as Americans. Wake up people, you cannot make sensible assessments of circumstances without understanding that history DOES repeat itself and we are not immune to the terrible circumstances that occurred in Germany!

    1. @BLUE BIRD32 I’m not a democrat, but I really don’t think the democrats are run by the progressives. Compare that to Republicans who are totally run by MAGA and the far right. That’s why I’m an Independent. You can’t blame me for the failures of both parties.

    2. @Michael Jones You’re probably right, my fellow boomers are old and probably forgot history! Most of them can’t remember anything! LOL!

  9. We are capable of working to solve more than one problem at a time. We do it all the time in our own lives. The J6 hearings must have priority and the information must be presented to the public so they understand the connections, planning and intent of the individuals involved. Hopefully, all responsible for masterminding the attempt to undermine our democracy will be held accountable and we can put this behind us and move on to the next priority.

    1. Yes I don’t think #45 is the mastermind of the events. He is a greedy man sure. Although he still needs to go to jail. There were too many people around him that realized what a dolt he was and quite easily manipulated him to achieve their goals. He believed their hype and fed his worst impulses. They should be punished even more severely than Trump. Peace 😵💟

    2. @Martha Shandley Dolt! I haven’t heard that word in years! Made me laugh. Personally, I believe the party backed Trump for his unscrupulous nature. He has conducted himself this way his entire life. The party thought he could be controlled but obviously, he could not. Ultimately, he was the one calling the shots and accountable in my mind but we’ll just have to see where it all goes.

    3. Susan Gordon
      If only the grand issues of history could be resolved with such admirable order and efficiency, surely humanity would inhabit Rationalist Utopia by now.

      Alas, there are flies in the ointment:

      (James 4:14) ‘You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.’

      (Jeremiah 17:9) ‘The heart is deceitful beyond all else, and is desperately sick; who can understand it?’

      (Ecclesiastes 9:11) ‘I again saw that the race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the warriors, and neither is bread to the wise nor wealth to the discerning nor favor to men of ability; for time and chance overtake them all.’

      As for wealth not being to the discerning, you people had four years’ worth of illustration. No, more than forty years.

    1. @Kim Roberts He asked a legit question. TROLL!!!

      I have an idea, if you’re looking for an echo chamber go back to Reddit and Twitter. YouTube hasn’t completely made the echo chamber transition yet.. but they’re on there way. Hey, I wonder how many dislikes this video has? Just kidding, none.. because otherwise YouTube would tell you if there were any!

  10. The last Wisconsin dude interviewed gets it. Too many other Americans don’t. All these other issues don’t matter if we don’t have democracy. Those activists are wasting their time if we don’t have democracy. Period.

    1. @S R What do you mean? What rights have been taken away. Abortion has been returned where it belongs, to the states. 1st and 2nd amendments we have better protections under this court and republican congress. So what should I be worried about?

  11. How anyone can be in denial of what happened in at the capital, makes me believe they are mentally incompetent to comprehend anything! 🤪

  12. Can’t speak for all minorities but my family is watching closely. We are seeing if America will convict a rich, racist, white man that clearly committed a crime. Even if he was the president. This is supremely important to us.

  13. We’ve got operatives realizing the insurrection and resigning from the GOP. What we need now are businesses and corporations to realize the coup and stand up for a better way. Never Ever GOP Again.

  14. The last guy, Rick Biverstein, gets it. Nothing else gets done if we don’t have a functioning democracy. All we will have is chaos.

  15. Different areas throughout the US are very different in terms of news coverage and public advisories. I travel for work and experienced this during the height of the pandemic. We traveled from NY to Wisconsin and the public knowledge was vastly different. We showed up to Wisconsin taking every precaution. We had to search for a testing location upon arrival which proved very difficult. The morning safety meeting consisted of gathering around a pickup truck with close proximity without masks. The looks and questions we got were kind of scary. We discussed with everyone the situation we saw first hand in other states and they simply weren’t aware of it. We watched news coverage out there and there was almost nothing. I hope that our presence and information helped those we worked with to better prepare and stay safe. We provided masks and hand sanitizer to all those we worked with and explained the need for safety compliance. We explained that we were vaccinated and how it will help. They respected our requests but our time there was only for 2 months. With any luck they continued to take action for their safety and the safety of others after we left. They were good people and I’d hate to think any were lost due to the pandemic.

  16. Well the last guy speaking from Wisconsin hit the nail exactly on the head. I wish other people could see it and I see you have. Two of my Trump loving family members have now decided to vote blue and upcoming elections. They know we will not have any democracy or any of these rights just as that man said without the US Constitution and the rule of law being upheld.

    1. @Sandra Tima Let’s hope the trend continues. We have Governor Ron DeSantis a Harvard graduate who is going to be running in 2024 and far more dangerous than Trump, so I’m hoping our family members will not fall for these people again.

  17. People who think the January 6 committee sitting is not as important as other issues like inflation, gun violence and abortion rights, just don’t get it.

    They don’t know that without democracy, free and fair elections, all the rights that enable them to protest in the open, and make good policies happen, will no longer exist.

  18. Yes, we should prosecute those involved with treason and trying to overthrow democracy. If we can’t focus on more than one issue at a time, then we’re truly pitiful. 😒

    1. I think all those who asked for a pardon should be arrested immediately. IMO asking for a pardon is an admission of guilt. They knew what they were doing was treason plain and simple.

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