1. So sad. God bless his parents and all families trying to do something positive and important for others in the midst of their grief.

  2. Unfortunately the costs of getting any medical treatment in the US are so inflated ( that is why sick people cross the border to mexico or canada)that this will continue to happen,the cost of treatment and work restrictions relating to sick pay / insurance is probably what boosted the spread of covid

    1. You won’t find me going to Mexico or Canada to buy drugs. Only from my doctors. Only from my pharmacy. I choose to live.

    1. @Nero’s Cinema You will get what you deserve for that comment, KARMA is a real thing, you will remember my words when it hits you

  3. I am so sorry for your loss I lost my 22 year old February 11th 2021 he was just living his beautiful life he died in a fadel car accident oh I know the pain you feel may God give the you piece and comfort

  4. It’s been said that we all come with a purpose, Charlie’s was to save others from the danger that illegal drugs represent. He is in heaven.

    1. Think of how much fentanyl Biden is directly responsible for in turn his voters too. I blame them more then Joe’s open border policy. They should have to pay for every fentanyl death.

  5. I pray and hope they find peace in their storm. I know the grieving process is not an easy one but I’m asking the Lord to give you all…. His peace. When I’m go through any crucible in my life I’m reminded it is not always about me my brokenness is also for other. Just as this family gone through the devastation of losing their son😭 they used their brokenness to help thousands in saving their lives. to be aware of these evil people out there selling these drugs that killing people. I pray you all Find peace πŸ™β€

  6. I can’t believe that anyone would take any pill purchased from someone you don’t know!!! These are educated people.

    1. Must be nice to be as perfect as you think you are. Your sanctimony is atrocious. Good luck with your perfect naive life and all knowing-self! Being formally educated does not make you privy to all possibilities.

  7. I know this pain all too well. I’ve lost 3 family members, 3 close friends, 2 coworkers and my neighbor across the street to drug overdoses. Currently my brother & cousin are battling addiction.πŸ˜”

  8. I have had several close friends die of an overdose and I know the helplessness this family feels. I sorrow for their loss.

  9. I just found out last week that my college roommate passed away from an accidental fentanyl overdose.
    These are not personal shortcomings or greed. This is a dirty bomb packed with systematic failures, and the collateral damage will always be those most vulnerable. SO many things need to change so there are less stories like this.
    Prayers for the family- this young man’s parents really are doing amazing work πŸ™

  10. My heart is broken to see the pain in this family I can’t imagine losing one of mine like this my deepest sympathy.

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