‘It’s a really bad army’: Ret. General reacts to Wagner chief’s announcement

Retired Brigadier General Steve Anderson discusses what Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin's plan to leave Bakhmut shows about the current state of the Russian military. #CNN #News


  1. Hotel Clerk: “We have a very nice suite on 18th floor” ~ Prigozhin: “Ground floor please” 🤔

    1. @Yuri and so? what has ikea flag to do with ukraine flag? They maybe imbued with the same color but different design, thus different, as many other national flags. Ikea’s logo color might have been inspired from where the founder originated which is from Sweden which has the blue and yellow color in their national flag also.

    1. It’s funny because their fake drone attack struck the flagpole, pyrotechnics blow-up, and they still couldn’t do any damage to the flag. Hell, you’d think the flag would at least catch fire.

    1. @Sean McDonald Then you go to Ukraine and report it. Fox is nowhere in Ukraine so basically you’re wasting your time and money on an airline ticket

    2. ​@Varuda Zahira or multiple “self inflicted” gunshot wounds to the head, and of course also tied hands and feet behind him. Or drinking irradiated tea

  2. There is nothing new here, as it has been said before by Prig, almost bi-weekly. It has been understood that Wagner troops were disposable.

    1. ​@MattBest troops they have and also considered disposable. Putin has to keep all the other warlords in check when they get too big for their britches.

  3. Prigozhin is clearly playing a very high risk game for power in Russia and that can very well backfire and he might find himself falling out of a window one day in 2023.

    1. he stabbed himself five times in the heart before opening the windows and jumped. Moscow rule suissideee

    1. If anybody trusts and values the opinion of a coward who hides behind anonymous identity on the internet, they deserve the anger and frustration they feel.

    1. That’s probably the _only_ thing still keeping him alive at this point.
      Though running low on rockets, artillery, tanks and even troops I can see… but not even having enuff bullets?!

    2. No, he’ll get “suicided” or have some “accident” falling out of a window…

  4. Remember that the US lost over 50,000 young men in the Vietnam war. Most of these casualties were caused by bad decisions from commanders in charge

    1. and bad decision by the president to enter into war, not realizing what the combatants were up against. Just like Ukraine, as you stated.

    1. Its logistics…if you run simply because your afraid your a deserter. This is a tactical retreat, if it is real.

  5. Could this all just be a clever ruse? Why else would they publicly proclaim this type of information which presumably would be kept quiet in a disciplined professional military force, would it not?

  6. In ten years, the Russian army may be competent fighting force, but it will be comprised of twelve-year-olds, women, and old men.

  7. The maintenance is an issue beyond most peoples comprehension with all weapon systems we deploy. When a administration says we’re sending X , I automatically wonder about training and maintenance.

    1. Military equipment and human resources when employed have a high risk rate of becoming expendables by definition.
      And even when not, they wear out. I recently heard a Gulf war veteran recall that even before entering in combat there where a few Abrams casualties due to mechanical breakdowns. Most of the old tanks deployed where to act as replacements for guns that had to be retooled due to destruction or barrel wear.
      I usually follow AU military news as it has many commonalities of mine. A retired brass critizized this “boutique Army” with fancy equipment project and procurement, but in numbers that could hardly sustain. And worse with the cost of each equipment unit rising, no margin for statistical losses. Maintenance and training is also is also overstated. Basically due to irregular level among units. Rapid reaction Forces may be OK, but other units … we saw recently how the German Defense Minister was embarrassed during manoeuvers with the mechanical breakdown of the Marders. In a combat situation that may have lethalk consequences.
      NATO land forces have been spoiled by a high dependancy on CAS in past conflicts. In a constrained battlefield, sure it would prevail, but our current societies surely don’t have the stomach to support a high level of casualties. Even the US is facing problems to recruit its 70 thousand annual freshmen without lowering entry requirements.

  8. Bodybuilders and powerlifters are kinda in the same game…lifting weights.
    But it’s a bit like the difference between style and substance.
    Some things look the part…but that’s the size of it…they just look the part.

  9. The blood of the brave people dying while defending that flag was still warm on the ground when he did this. This action was disgraceful beyond words.

  10. And in my own personal opinion,And the Lockheed — Martin and Raytheon invented,developed and constructed F.G.M. — 148 Javelin anti — tank or anti — armor weapons and also the Lockheed — Martin approved,tested and issued N.A.T.O Alliance Armed Forces’s High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems also known as HI.M.A.R.S. including the all — powerful,the all — deadly and the all — potent BAE Military Defence or Defense Contractor — made M — 777 155 M.M. howitzers or artillery indeed ” proved to be decisive ” in the unspeakable,the terrible and the horrible as well as the awful Ukraine — Communist Russia War that already lasted for more than a year.Semper Fidelis

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