Officials release new video and documents in Idaho killings case

CNN's Jean Casarez reports on newly released video and documents in the case involving Bryan Kohberger. Kohberger is accused of killing four University of Idaho students. He has yet to enter a plea in the case. #CNN #News


  1. No joke … since they canned Don Lemon. The morning show is actually much better. No interruptions no stupid remarks. The show has gotten better

    1. This was in western Washington State. If they did not ticket white people, they would never write any tickets. It is the Great White Northwest. He made a minor traffic error that violated a local ordinance that was different from his home state’s. He did not flagrantly disobey the law. He was polite and respectful, expressed himself well and gave a reasonable explanation of his actions. That was why she let him go. The officer was probably thrilled that he wasn’t one of the anti government wingnuts that inhabit the area claiming sovereign immunity. This wasn’t the arrogant monster we have been told about.

    2. it’s more about having the know how to ‘disarming’ the tension with his passive/timid/charming offensive for the female officer, instead of the ‘I’m so sick of this sh*t, the f**k you stop me for?!!!! Point being, ….being prepared, methodical, and as well a sociopath can help you operate under the law enforcement radar, to a certain extent of course until your personal ego and obsessions gets the better of you.

  2. Man this guy’s got a Ted Bundy Vibe going for him. Every time I’ve seen this guy I automatically think Ted Bundy.

    1. @Sansa June yes, ever since I seen his photo, those eyes. I know it’s wrong to judge someone just by appearance, when I seen his photo his eyes just creeped me out.

  3. Bryan was talking to missionaries from the LDS Church but had only just begun lessons. Shame. He needed more time. Heavenly Father has his plan.

    1. Yeah, ask Lori Vallow and his second husband how are they doing right now. And also happened in ID.

  4. Such a creepy m…cker. Definitely shows he is used to talking himself out of stuff though. “Not used to seeing crosswalks..” I can’t believe he said it with a straight face.

  5. Yes, he is a human being. When he speaks, his voice can be recorded, just like every other human. Nothing remarkable at all.

    1. His sociopathic demeanor is what’s “remarkable,” because his presence even in a recording is chilling. Imagine what he’s like in-person: shudderworthy.

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