'It's a shared trauma,' Atlanta-area Asian Americans react to deadly shootings at spas | USA TODAY 1

‘It’s a shared trauma,’ Atlanta-area Asian Americans react to deadly shootings at spas | USA TODAY


Atlanta-area Asian Americans share their thoughts on the killings at area spas.

Atlanta-area Asian Americans share their thoughts on shootings at three local spas that left eight dead, six of whom were Asian women.

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  1. there is no excuse, no reason for this to have happened. i am very sorry for the tragic loss of those people.

    1. So you’re saying he uncovered and stopped a crime ring of human traffickers… and he’s the bad guy?

      This dude is Denzel

    2. There was a mass shooting this past weekend also, but it happened in Chicago and the shooter wasn’t white, crickets. 15 people shot, 2 died, and 4 guns recovered.

    3. @Tim B
      Most likely Gangster’s Disciples. Last year there were over 700 homicides with over half connected to that one particular, race based, gang.

    1. @EclecticOne destroy the family unit , destroy the middle class , destroy the constitution , destroy the dollar & capitalism !
      Here comes the NWO , the digital dollar & the enslavement of the entire world……..

    2. @Colorest Vandiver I’m a little disappointed that you haven’t responded yet. I hope you do so we can finish our conversation. By the way , thank you for conversing with me without using derogatory language & insults. It’s nice to be able to talk with someone without disrespecting them.

    3. @vzhoj H The Bible says God chosen people would be demonized and murdered not white Japheths. Zechariah 11:5
      5 Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the Lord; Psalms 64:4…4That they may shoot in secret at the perfect: suddenly do they shoot at him, and fear not. 5They encourage themselves in an evil matter: they commune of laying snares privily; they say, Who shall see them?

    4. @Emery Kennedy What in tarnation does all that mean? Are you sure that you’re interpreting what was written correctly? I mean no disrespect , I’m only speaking my thoughts & to me it seems like someone could easily interpret what’s written to fit whatever narrative they want?

    5. @paul dayton This isn’t the world’s first rodeo with that agenda. It never ends as anarchists, tyrants, and oppressors hope it will, just their demise.

    1. @Chuck Collins Im saying you dont just walk into the building and see a man getting fucked on the counter in front of you. Although that is sexy. Usually these dealings are shady or are off location.

    1. Well its gonna happen every month s get used to it. The false flags, active shooter drills and mass killings are the only way Democrats can distract attention away from their incompetence and treason.

  2. So, by this (colonization) logic, the 1991 Waddell Buddhist Temple Shooting was an act of racism and not a B&E??

  3. so, basically, what has to happen is every sect, every race, every group, will have to have their sacrifice in order for us to complete this go around. The media is culpable in this rhetoric. With that said, it is sad that there were people killed and traumatized by this one person’s actions.

    1. That’s what I was thinking.
      The media is playing on people’s emotions again. Same old divide and conquer techniques.

  4. As seen throughout these comments, racist yt trolls always have an excuse or conspiracy theory when one of their own goes on a violent racially motivated crime spree

    It’s the same playbook since the beginning of this country smh

  5. 1:24 you mind telling us WHY there is an “obvious connection”,,,,,,,,,,,, don’t worry, we’ll wait for you to consult your string-pullers.

  6. News media salivates whenever a) there’s any racial angle at all, b) the perp is white, c) it’s in the south, and d) a good story can be made from a paltry truth. Honestly, you’d think there were no crimes at all in Chicago or New York if you just go by national news

  7. When it comes out that these places were indeed giving out happy endings, the race baiting is going to backfire on those who tried so hard to link this to all Asians. They’re inadvertently going to link Asians to sex work as a cultural norm….

    1. No doubt the killer is an evil piece of crap. The officials know or have an idea of what goes on in some of those businesses. It’s going to be interesting to watch and see how they try to get around putting out the truth after they investigate the businesses. They want the narrative to be a racist hate crime, so they can circle it back to Trump, unfortunately for them, it seems that it was a sex crime.

    1. I don’t. I’m an old school rugged individual type. Group think doesn’t sit well with me.

  8. It is absolutely deplorable to see people hijack any tragedy, like this, to champion their own self-serving agenda. Watching the woke/cancel culture crowd latch onto this tragedy confirms their sociopathic nature.

    These victims and their families deserve sympathy and compassion, not the flock of political vultures we see circling around them.

    1. @Chris Granado I’m opposed to the crass bullshit from the media, misguided woke/cancel culture ideologues, AND the crimes committed by this murderer.

      By the way, racist murderers don’t kill those who share their ethnicity. This criminal is definitely a murderer, but your racist accusation is unfounded. He did not single out Asian victims as the media, Asian community advocates, and woke/cancel culture crowd deceitfully claim. There were white victims too.

      It is absolutely revolting to witness mainstream media stoking racial discord in order to garner ratings. It is equally deplorable to see some in the Asian and woke/cancel culture communities using this tragedy to champion their own self interests. None of these people actually give a crap about the victims or they wouldn’t be turning the spotlight to themselves at these victim’s and their families’ great expense.

  9. Sad. I hope someday mankind can extend his hand in acceptance and friendship of one another, despite his/her difference.

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