'It’s been constant stress': Alberta couple sees dream home turn into nightmare 1

‘It’s been constant stress’: Alberta couple sees dream home turn into nightmare


A southern Alberta couple's dream house became a three-year-long nightmare that left them in debt.

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  1. Home ownership is a joke. Don’t pay your property taxes and see who really owns your house. You’re only a tenant

  2. Is that breach of contract? Just get up and walk away, and liquidate his asserts. Could they not go after him in court, for breach of contract?

  3. Sounds like got screwed by 2 contractors. Repair costing 500k could’ve torn it down and started over for that money

  4. Though I feel for this couple for what they’ve gone through. I’m disturbed that there’s a GoFundMe of $160000 so they can have their dream home completed and live in it.

    There are many others out there having a hard time making their rent, pay their mortgage or feed their family during this pandemic. This is a problem between them and the builder.

    1. @bruh yep it’s the laws in this country that protect these scumbags and not the victims. Betcha the scumbag didn’t have insurance, otherwise I would be going after the insurance company.

  5. There is NO protection for the consumer, these contractors and sub-contractors can be brutal when it comes to doing their jobs properly. As for inspectors….everyone has a price, it just takes the right person to find that price and anything can be approved.

  6. Go fund me for a luxury? You need to explore you legal avenues before asking for this especially during a pandemic when so many others are suffering with total homelessness and poverty.

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