“It’s clearly not over”: Pam Palmater on TMX pipeline expansion

Indigenous activist Pam Palmater and MP John Barlow join the Scrum to discuss the TMX pipeline expansion's impact on Indigenous people.

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    1. @Tom breeze How many years TOO late? 5 billion dollars more than Kinder Morgan forecast. How many liberal slush funds will this be creating?

    2. @Timbuck Too look up Chinese espionage in Canada,every level of government also industries innovation education.The lng pipeline is a 40 billion dollar project with 36 billion of the steel work going to china,Canadian steel workers being almost totally left out

  1. Mr. Barlow says nobody would buy it, but the Western Indigenous Pipeline Group has stated that they want an equity stake.

  2. Trudeau keeps spending the Canadian taxpayers on something that will not happen–the only path to move oil from Alberta is eastwise.

  3. Ant new pipeline, is a best engineered pipline. It’s safer than rail, and the FN whom derive support from government, gladly accept the funds it generates. A few hereditary chiefs, slighted at not being the elected power, make attempts to disrupt, even through sabotage, to become relevant. It’s time for equality, true equality. Become part of Canada and share it’s burdens and benefits, or declare independence, and immediately be self supportive. Just obey the laws of Canada when you leave your country. This is full and true equality, or nationhood, anything less, is fools being played by politicians.

  4. These commentators and those they advocate should all have a cap on what they can use that has any ingredient in it that comes from a fossil fuel.

  5. This is a catch 22 issue thanks to Trudeau
    This will never pass may as well kiss goodbye a lot of Canadians social programs

  6. Why do you keep giving theses saboteurs a platform. They’ve had their way/say it’s time for them to get out of the way. Canadians are tired of the fear mongering and fake aboriginal rights.

  7. Pam Palmater is an Indigenous supremacist and completely clueless while having 5 University degrees from colonial institutions.

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