Did the Canadian government underestimate the coronavirus?

Foreign Affairs Minister Champagne explains what Canadians are going through in quarantine in Trenton and how Canada is preparing for what’s next.

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    1. You’re afraid to go to the gym? How would you feel If you worked at the airport then? I mean that’s another ground Zero.

    1. Mz Lee : they didn’t underestimate. listen to their preaching within the first week. they were all: no big deal, nothing to see here, don’t panic, curb your racism. they knew, but they didn’t have the funds. how long has tmx supposed to have been flowing & paying off until now?

  1. We have a part-time Drama teacher as leader. What do you think the answer is? . He’s freaking useless.

  2. Notice the more respectful way that Evan interviews a Liberal compared to how he interviews a Conservative. He actually allows this Liberal to answer questions without cutting him off or firing off sarcastic, venomous challenges to his answers.

  3. I don’t think the ‘full blown magnitude’ of it’s power & horror has yet to even be discovered. Give it 3 months and then make an assessment if Canada has underestimated it.

    Let’s just say, I don’t think it’s gonna be pretty. 😬😭😷 Buckle up, I fear it’s gonna be one hell of a ride. 😮😧😠 🎢🏨🎡

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