Velshi: The Trillion Little Pieces That’ll Be Left Behind To Future Generations | MSNBC

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi discusses debt and the “trillion little pieces” that’ll be left behind to future generations after the Trump administration.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: The Trillion Little Pieces That'll Be Left Behind To Future Generations | MSNBC


  1. 😶 Republicans only like socialism when they want the taxpayers to pay for their Sports arenas

    1. Really? It’s kind of weird how even Tucker Carlson is calling for student debt forgiveness. I don’t know, it kind of sounds like you’re having an argument with an imaginary right wing that hasn’t existed in 20 years. Didn’t the populist right vote against “free trade” corporate looting and voted for labor protectionism or against the latest war for Israel when they voted for Trump? What were all those people arguing about in the comments of National Review Online to the extent that they actually had to get rid of their comments section and farm it out to Faceberg’s censorship regime. I guess we’ll never know. But please, launch into your canned arguments against Bush era free market fundamentalism circa 2002

  2. The legacy of Donald will be the first POTUS to bankrupt the USA!
    And not just financially, but morally bankrupt!

    1. @Noemi Frederick The word “racism” is meaningless. It amounts to accusing somebody of immorality for caring more about their family and community than somebody else’s, which is something everybody does and must do. If everybody is racist, then nobody is racist.

    2. @Don Williams lol the fact is, you are still here commenting with remarks with no substantial evidence then just boasting for the president. Go watch fox news, that is where you belong.

    1. @Bjay AwesomeBlackDudeYep! And there is clearly a neo-liberal, corporate super pac bunch of blathering heads in the media doing their utmost to damage the credibility of a solid opponent to the Orange Thing.

    2. @Bjay AwesomeBlackDude This has happened before, powerful people who crave more power use unintelligent people for political gain and votes to get where they want to be. All they care about is power and they target the unintelligent to get gain power for themselves. Trump supporters are nothing more than a tool and their ignorance is being used. Trump hates everyone of you.

    3. You don’t know what Toxic means do you for the Gangs in your town is Toxic your Drugs you must be on are Toxic but Trump Toxic No not Toxic but Great for the Nation go hang out more with your local Gang to do more of your Drugs to find What Toxic means

    1. @Don Williams Then why didn’t Bush pay for the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. The oil sure didn’t. How are you going to pay wages for Congress or President, roads, infrastructure, etc. The rich won’t pay for it or corporations. They ask us to. Go back to the horse and wagons and see how you like it😱

    2. @Mike M well let someone like Bernie ju n and itll be soon. Guess you’re one of those who think electric cars are better for the environment right?

  3. I can not tell a lie “George Washington “
    I can not tell the truth “Donald trump “
    I can not tell the difference “replublican senators Russian “

    1. Why are you more worried about imaginary Russian influence than quite real and blatantly obvious Israeli influence? Do Russians have Russian American defense intellectuals with ties to Russia and Russian American proxy organizations influencing policy debates and pushing us into multitrillion dollar wars that are always against Russia’s enemies? No. Can we say the same thing for the Israelis and their diaspora coethnics? Do the Russians have a proxy organization that has an office in Silicon Valley devoted to telling social media companies which political views shouldn’t be allowed on their platforms? No, but the Israelis do unless you’re dumb enough to think that their billionaire donors who publicly claim to be pro Israel don’t influence who the ADL regards as guilty of “hate speech.” you can’t possibly be this clueless.

      Did you not notice that the very same people who tell you that Russia, who backs Israel’s enemies in the mideast, is hacking your elections are all connected to Israel, a country that has more questionable influence over our elections and political debate than any other?

    2. @Julius Ebola Who are you talking to? I don’t see anyone talking about Russia in this thread.. What is the difference? And how would you know?

  4. Meanwhile when the next Democrat becomes president the GOP/REPUBLICANS will then began to remember that there is a deficit and that spending cuts must be made immediately or else they will shut the government down. Example: Ted Cruz shut down the government and had federal workers on furlough until Democrats bent to him personally! Instead of voters making the GOP/REPUBLICANS pay for such obvious hypocrisy, they voted these bums back in office! Now ofcourse the deficit is not an issue when Brush and now Trump are in office! The American people must stop this nonsense and just vote the GOP/REPUBLICANS out of our local and national governments! Is the only way to take our government back! Four more years of Trump and the US government will look like Russia or Cuba.

  5. We know Trump has us going into a depression. No dought only, the weathy win. Must get him out “VOTE BLUE”.🇺🇸

    1. @coolmodelguy Clearly the way to create jobs is to flood the country with cheap 3rd world immigrant laborers because diversity is our strength.

    2. @Julius Ebola – What would be most helpful, is if the U.S. capitalist would stop plundering 3rd World Countries for their natural resources, overthrowing legitimate governments to install their cronies, and stop creating refugee crisis in those countries. The USA creates the conditions which causes the citizens of 3rd world world countries to migrate here seeking a better life.

    3. @coolmodelguy Right, so the American working class should have to have their wages suppressed and their communities destroyed because of plutocrat wars which they were also forced to pay for and which they never wanted to begin with? Because they can’t just reform immigration? Is this what you’re telling me?

      What you’re saying here is “yes, ok, immigration does drive wages down, diversity is weakness, it’s grooming gangs, plummeting property values, people living in fear, schools and other institutions being destroyed, ok, I admit it, *but you deserve it because of imperialism.*

      Is that not what you’re saying? It was the left the left that voted for Clinton, which was a vote to continue the proxy war in Syria which created the Syrian refugees in the first place, wasn’t it? Trump, if nothing else, ended Obama’s policy of regime change. Gee, if you want to help refugees, maybe you can start by not supporting jihadis trying to overthrow their government for Israel, yeah? Could you start there? Or no?

      And are we still pretending that the majority of refugees were actually refugees when it’s been overwhelmingly proven over and over again that the majority of them are just economic migrants. Center for immigration studies showed that you can resettle 12 “refugees” outside of the EU/US for the cost of resettling one inside, so there is no moral justification.

      Also, explain how this works. Why do we shower immigrant aid groups with tax dollars to bring these people here if the U.S. is truly the racist torture dungeon for PoC that the left tells us it is? You’re going to bring them here to be oppressed by white people and hunted like animals by white racist police officers?

      If it is what you say it is, then it’s not in the immigrants’ interest for you to roll out the red carpet for them at tax payer expense, and if the U.S. isn’t the torture dungeon you claim it is, then you lose your justification for antiwhtie persecution politics, affirmative action, and all the rest, so which is it?

    1. The right wing media don’t press him about his lies. When any other media gets the chance to press him and his allies about the lies they are met with silence or being called fake news. That is why the majority of them only appear on right wing outlets, so they can hide from the truth.

    1. Storming of the bastillion may be the end here now, as they did in France July 14, 1789. Only now we’re talking about White House and The Hill. When the rich now lose ground contact with most people and state power is in it. Now shows Trump and his people contempt for most people. Time for the people to mobilize and remove tRump and his lackeys

    2. @Julius Ebola 😃 No! Those who first started using the terms – putin bot, russian bot fake account, troll etc are in fact the REAL Putin bots. So, I turned the tables on them 😃 It’s funny

    3. Right on Day One, with Trump’s insane, rambling CIA oration, it should have been clear as day that he was mentally (as well as morally) unfit for the demanding position to which it had been so absurdly yet constitutionally elevated. The “Stable Genius” is, among other terrible things, an abject dotard. An immediate Vote of No Confidence should have been immediately held in Congress, mandating the calling of a new national presidential election as soon as possible.
      *But, of course, no such commonsensical parliamentary procedure is permitted under the U.S. Constitution,*
      Trump was inevitable given your appalling Founding Fathers vision, the hallowed 1787 parchment’s Electoral College system permits someone to ascend to the White House without winning a majority in the national popular presidential vote. Majority support is not required under the constitutionally prescribed U.S. electoral system.

  6. His entire business model is about slapping his name on stuff other people built. Why would he treat his presidency any differently?

    1. My favorite is the idea that his supporters wanted a businessman to treat American like a business and make it great again… you mean you want the 6 time bankrupt loser to run America like his businesses? Bankruptcy, here we come

  7. #WOW #WOW #WOW

    Every time, in my life time, when we have have a Republican president the deficit goes up. Every time a Democrat is in office our deficit goes down.

    I’m so proud of you finally figuring that out for yourself.

  8. Drain the swamp? More like drain the treasury…..Trump has made a career out of spending everyone else’s money. First his daddy, next Russia, now the US Treasury. Par for the course. He won’t stop till we’re bankrupt or until we stop him. Do you hear that, Senators?

    1. @Julius Ebola
      The left is always holding the bag for the Republican’s tax cuts and wars. The Republicans haven’t been concerned about debt since Eisenhower.

    2. @Julius Ebola if you look at the last 20 years or so the pattern has been : Republicans crank up the debt, then Democrats are saddled with straightening out the mess the Repubs leave behind.
      Rinse and repeat etc, etc, etc.

    3. @George B. Wolffsohn Republicans ramp up the debt because they’re supposed to give the Israelis the wars they want. The Democrats are there to give them the immigration policy they want. So I don’t care. Our choices are multitrillion dollar wars for Israel or mass immigration. Neither is in our interest.

    1. Low wage jobs create a false sense that those employed in them are making progress and can now support themselves and their families. We know that is not true. Butt rump won’t admit it. So he pillages programs that help people make ends meet, like SSI, food stamps, school lunch programs, Meals on Wheels, etc. His budget proposals include cutting Social Security, Medicaid, and effectively discouraging donations to any cause by raising the charitable contribution requirement.

  9. I gave up trying to highlight the national debt ages ago. What about a living wage instead of working yourself to death? More jobs doesn’t mean better pay or working conditions. Such a monumental sham!

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