1. People get annoyed because Paris has trash but they don’t seem concerned that the workers are being treated like trash.

    1. State pension at 64 instead of 62 ? That’s what you call treated like trash? Are you real ?

    2. @Thank you for your compliance Are you ‘for’ real. Its not about 62 or 64 – it’s about a law that people feel srtrongly about was changed without any discussion or vote. Get your facts right.

    1. @Justmekpc Americans got 3 government payments to help with COIVD and all it did was making everything more expensive. All that government money went to a retail store called Walmart. Walmart is owned by one of the top 10 richest families in the world. Poor make poor decisions.

  2. The workers have to win this and all of working France needs to stand with them.
    Workers all over the world need to take notice, especially (USA).

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