1. Where is the problem. Biden said that the West is prepared for Putin not to be bluffing, to be prepared for anything.
    I would be a lot more worried if he laughed off Putin’s threats and didn’t demonstrate that an immediate response was prepared.

    1. @R Torres probably, but the thing is, it’s not only US has the capability for nuclear missiles? If china and nokor have nukes.. what about those allied forces of the US?🤔

  2. I’m not sure how this is shocking or even a controversial statement.
    If Russia uses tactical nukes…NATO will respond in force (Probably in a conventional way). Russia sees that as an imminent threat and deploys even more nukes (potentially even using strategic nukes). US then responds in kind.
    It doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to see it can escalate very quickly into something we can’t turn back from.

    1. @TesserId
      Considering the nuclear arsenal both countries have stockpiled are nothing like the ones used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it won’t end well. When a country is in possession of a weapon that can hit in Maine and wipe out every living thing except Bonsai trees all the way to Miami that is enough to bring reality to the forefront. New York recently broadcasted the commercial warning, advising residents what to do in the event of a nuclear attack as if though a hand grenade had exploded . It will definitely have more intense impact than what they are surmising. It’s getting crazy out there!

    2. you do know that six days ago a Russian oscar-class submarine was detected off the streets of the Bering see 25 miles off the coast of Alaska early warning detection nets also indicated a ballistic missile submarine from the Soviet Union traveling at high speed across the water in the bearings see as well

  3. God it’s been a good long time since a president warned about Armageddon
    The war must be going really well for Ukraine if Russia is pouting this much…

    1. @Preserve Homestead nope Russia can not take ukrain because the west will not allowed if the west allows it then yes the Russians could take but Ukrainians are very thought fighters the only way Russians could take Ukraine is using nuclear weapons that’s teh only way they would be able to take it. Ukrainians are warriors since ancient times again Russia only defense si its nuclear arsenal

    2. @Preserve Homestead Putin wouldn’t be threatening to use nukes if the ground war had been going well. His annexation was a hope for an offramp to save face while withdrawing. But it was also a weak pretext to use tactical nukes and chemical weapons without NATO responding with force.

      None of that happens without real desperation. Same with the draft. Russia has a lot more military that they could’ve sent, but they’re worried about weakening their border security since their border is absolutely enormous. These moves are very telling.

    3. @Preserve Homestead Except even state media IN Russia is now acknowledging significant territorial losses in Ukraine.

    4. It’s been a long time since a President shakes hands with ghosts and asks for dead people in the audience.

  4. There is no denying, there is a real threat ….. it can not be ignored. Scary is simply an understatement. We must remain united 🇺🇸

  5. Given Russia’s competence shown so far, if they did launch a tactical nuke against Ukraine, they’d probably hit Belarus by accident.

  6. Growing up on the Southside of Chicago a tough neighborhood I understand what President Biden was doing if you’re going to confront a bully you have to speak his language if Putin is going around threatening to use nuclear weapons then he should understand that he’s not the only country with nuclear weapons and Armageddon would be on the doorsteps of the world.

    1. @Michael Johnson and Kim Jung Um starting lobing missles again at Japan, a near miss of Hawaii, directly after VP Harris visit.

  7. And that’s exactly what needs to be done. Let the Russian generals know that they and their families are under the same threat.

    1. The might and power of America is not to be messed with. Putin should take note before he and his country regret it.

    1. It really doesn’t matter if we are warned or not because we wouldn’t know what to do in a nuclear war and we would all be dead anyways even if the U.S. and NATO responded we really need to take a step back in Ukraine

  8. The Biden administration has thought this through. Not calling Putain’s ‘bluff’ but letting him know we are preparing for the worst. This is psychologically demotivating for Putin.

  9. Ive said my share about Joe Biden’s presidency- but when it comes to the situation in Ukraine, he has consistently displayed strength and leadership when it comes to handling Putin’s ridiculous rhetoric.

    1. Strength?? Let me have some of what you are taking. Why do we give those people all this money when we have our own veterans and US Citizens homeless on the streets?????????????

    2. @Maria Lilahl Did you ask the GOP why they blocked the Veterans bill in the senate? Is that the type of Veterans care you are looking for?

    3. I’m a die hard conservative, but I totally agree. Biden and his team have handled this exceptionally well. I think the fact that there is a President at the moment who lived through the actual Cuban missile crisis and understands the danger these weapons pose.

    4. @zeuseditor Who is the GOP? Republicans? I don’t care about either Democrats or Republicans. I care about surviving. I always thought the leader in charge is always at fault and should take responsibility. Whether it be either a nursing home guy or Ego guy. Gas is $7/gallon in California.

  10. “Nobody knows when Armageddon will hit” , Ronald Reagan. It’s not unprecedented, and President Biden’s use of it wasn’t out of context. He was commenting on the likelihood of escalation.

  11. Absolutely adequate evaluation of the situation. I’m Russian (full heartedly supporting Ukrainian in this unjust cruel war!). I have been closely monitoring news from both Ukrainian and Russian sources since February 24. Thanks God Biden is president now, who has a vast experience with international relationships with Russia to see the situation for what it is.

  12. Biden is basically saying that if Putin uses one, we’re using ours. Period.

    Fucking terrible position we’re all in.

  13. I grew up during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cold War. Nobody should be laughing off Putin’s threats. You can’t take it back and go “Oops” once that Pandora’s box is opened.

  14. ” The greatest purveyor of war in the world is my own government “, Dr. Martin Luther King jr..

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