‘It’s very odd’: Experts baffled at U.K.’s dropping cases

Virologist Dr. Stephen Griffin discuses the falling case numbers in the U.K. and why it's puzzling experts.

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  1. Almost like they can just dial the pcr test sensitivity up and down to yield desired levels of infected.

    1. @Daniel MW The virus is like climate change – real yes – dangerous maybe a bit – worth destroying our economy or way of life over no

  2. I’m so happy to see our sister Commonwealth Country, the UK finally catch a break. Warm healthy wishes from Southwestern Ontario, Canada πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ’–

    1. Health officials in western countries consistently say schools are not the issue; that case numbers in schools are the same as the rest of the community. According to the officials, this proves the schools are not the source.

  3. Will that happen with America, as well? And, I hope it isn’t a calm before a storm. Wait, and see. Wait, and see.

  4. Now that the PCR test is no longer the standard under emergency use because it’s unable to tell the difference between covid and the flu, Now do you understand what that means?

    1. Yes it means the flu is forever vanquished and replaced by Covid that was supposed to be 4 times more deaths but is actually maybe 2 times more deaths (and would be less if certain therapeutics endorsed by Trump were not banned in a non-science political manner)

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