“It’s Within Our Own Power To Tell Our Stories” To Help Combat Anti-Asian Discrimination | MSNBC 1

“It’s Within Our Own Power To Tell Our Stories” To Help Combat Anti-Asian Discrimination | MSNBC


Actress and Comedian Margaret Cho tells NBC’s Joshua Johnson what she believes needs to be done to combat anti-Asian discrimination, both at a government level and a societal level, in 2021: “It’s about unwrapping all of these cultural approaches toward trauma and using a very Americanized view towards trauma and healing,” Cho said. “The more news coverage we get, the more voices are out there on social media, the better.” Aired on 03/01/2021.
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  1. Honestly we cannot paint brushes every Asian a racist person, in fact Africans in China were getting attacked by Chinese people for the coronavirus pandemic.

    1. @Wally Censorship That’s a sport where some blacks may not be getting along with this one player, not the entire black population is attacking him, Trump supporters have been attacking Asians ever since Trump called COVID the China Virus.

    2. @Wally Censorship Democrats don’t conjure up conspiracy theories, Trump Supporters do, remember PizzaGate?

    3. @X2 GI you just did. Russia Russia Russia. Jussie Smollet. Bubba Wallace. That’s just of cpl of fake hate crimes by democrats. And conspiracy theories

    4. @Wally Censorship Susan Smith said a black man kidnapped her children but she had killed them, Charles Stuart a white man from Boston shot his pregnant wife in the stomach and killed her, he lied and said a black man did it, luckily Charles brother didn’t stay with the lie, he told the truth, And let’s not forget the many Karen’s in this country.

    1. It doesn’t matter where the virus started, the people from those countries should not be attacked, it’s not their fault.

    2. @X2 GI so what about when Asians are races to other minority groups like the Black community where was the outcry from the Asian community when black people were being kicked out of their homes and forced to sleep on the street when this virus first started? Or the racist artwork that you hang in your galleries?

    3. No. Media do use the terms South African, UK and Brazilian variant, that is not the same as “China Flu”.

  2. I’m opposed to discrimination and violence against anyone because of her/his race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. However, some Asians have and do discriminate against minorities and even discriminate against their own which again- I do NOT support/condone! Thus, ANY group/individual who discriminates should not simultaneously discriminate and protest against discrimination! Hmm?

  3. President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris care for the Asian American community, unlike You Know Who who restored to vile language against them.

  4. I saw someone yelling at people outside of a Panda Express about the corona. Nevermind that none of the people working there were asian-american, let alone from asia itself.
    Not the sharpest tool in the shed right there.

  5. I will stand for Asians when they they stand up for black people in their respective countries!Till then, good luck!

  6. THE PROBLEM! All these alleged crimes are NOT just
    Asian hate crime but some are ALL people of color crime or general crimes. Be careful in reporting this story media and picking and choosing.

  7. Please stop this, the man I love is Asian and he is lost out there in America somewhere; please don’t do this. Please stop. He was abandon with his brother and sister as a kid left here in America to make it on their own when he was just 14, (his oldest brother was 18) his parent LEFT THEM HERE on their own and returned to Japan. He is like me Multicultural, and they all managed to get into college and he managed to get a Bachelors in engineering. He is a Human Being, he use to give freely to charity he would never hurt any of you… Please stop this.

  8. Trump proudly infuses hate against Asian Americans, Latinos and anybody he feels like it, while the Crowd sheers. Is that how we want America to be? (That’s the way it has been, )is that the direction the American People want this Nation to continue…

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