1. @Tom Anderson WOW, what a come back. How friggin long did it take you to come up with that… 🤦

    2. Barr: ” yup , he was doing a great disservice to the country. But l would still vote for him again “. WTF America?

    1. @Cookie Monster Believing Chump won the election when he didn’t. You know, essentially being Karen’s.

  1. Wait!!! You mean to tell me Hugo Chavez didn’t have anything to do with the voting machines? 😐

  2. Some people fight for what’s right. But there are also people that fight just to be right. Proof, clear evidence, facts and truth don’t matter when people fight just to be right.

    1. I love that! “Some people fight for what’s right. But there are also people that fight just to be right.“ – Larry Brown 🙌🤩

    2. The GOP doesn’t seem to be fighting just to be right. They seem to fighting just to please Trump.

    3. @JIM RICH yep the rebels without a clue …… they crave the attention from standing on their soapbox.

    1. @Gerry Swaim Trump hasn’t been involved with using violence to suppress dissent or to do anything of the kind.

    2. @Merril R I am not in favor of using violence in order to coerce people to think more highly of me. If people’s rights have been violated, then there should be legal remedies for those violations. Using violence to suppress dissent strikes at the heart of liberty and a free society as well as bringing the truth to the surface.

      Black violence usually harms other blacks more than anyone else. Rioting and looting is what violates innocent people’s rights. Violence and the threat of violence is also used by the Left as tool to put pressure on government and business to achieve their social goals without having convinced others of the merits of their positions. There are different conceptions of social justice, not just strict equality of result, which I am opposed to.

  3. And yet she texted people, telling them to keep fighting. Lock her up with her father and the rest of his cronies.

    1. @J R right? It’s like cmon, sure Biden is doing everything we accused trump of doing before the coup, but I mean.. things changed after the coup, that was just a step too far.

  4. *Officer Edwards deserves a gold metal – simply for being able to get-through giving her testimony without breaking down in tears!*

  5. They all belong in jail,tax evasion, bank fraud……I hope they put her in jail for tax evasion…..

    1. @Ëë Mage yes hunter looks like he’s sleeping very well in the “Ukrainian energy expert” art exhibit.

    1. I wondered whether she was trying to give herself cover — by mimicking a deep-fake, Bratz Doll representation of herself.

    1. @Nathan Hollywood Brookshire not just that, many laws we’re changed and slanted towards one party based on a lie

    2. @Gerry Swaim Okay, but it is clear that just making a speech and protesting an election with all sorts of questionable activities surrounding it is not against the law.

  6. Notice Ivanka is a little nervous admitting what she knew all along. She sure made a lot of millions off of daddy’s administration.

    1. The sycophantic slug is cornered !!
      Milked daddy for everything he was worth, until she thought she might go down ! Guess that’s just a family trait – evilness !

    2. Yup, she’s aging double-time now that daddy’s power-trip is over. Too bad she’ll probably never see the inside of a prison.

  7. Even his “favorite” kid only sipped the Kool-aid, never chugged it. Its okay republicans, accept you were had. Have some self respect. You fell victim to a professional bullshit artist, hes done this for decades.

    1. I don’t think they fell for it. They know what they are doing. It is like Christians not wanting to say they are in fact non-believers, because they are affraid of the tribe, if they dare go against the tribal narrative.

  8. Remember this: Liz Cheney was the Republican’s 3rd highest ranking House member before they stripped her of her ranks and titles and committees after she chose to impeach Trump. Liz has absolutely nothing to lose because the GOP already took her influence in Congress.

    1. Remember:Liz is when republicans had some type of integrity you might not agree with everything but at least it wasn’t crazy and stupid.I respect that.

  9. “Democracy remains in danger,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., chairman of the panel, during the hearing, timed for prime time to reach as many Americans as possible.

    “Jan. 6 was the culmination of an attempted coup, a brazen attempt, as one rioter put it shortly after Jan. 6, to overthrow the government,” Thompson said. “The violence was no accident.”

    The hearings may not change Americans’ views on the Capitol attack, but the panel’s investigation is intended to stand as its public record. Ahead of this fall’s midterm elections, and with Trump considering another White House run, the committee’s final report aims to account for the most violent attack on the Capitol since 1814, and to ensure such an attack never happens again.

    Testimony showed Thursday how Trump desperately clung to his own false claims of election fraud, beckoning supporters to the Capitol on Jan. 6 when Congress would certify the results, despite those around him insisting Biden had won the election.

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