Jackson, Mississippi Suffers Water Crisis As Aging Water Infrastructure Problem Grows | MTP Daily 1

Jackson, Mississippi Suffers Water Crisis As Aging Water Infrastructure Problem Grows | MTP Daily


Meet the Press Reports delves into the aging water infrastructure and water scarcity. NBC News' Deepa Shivaram discusses the ongoing water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Jackson, Mississippi Suffers Water Crisis As Aging Water Infrastructure Problem Grows | MTP Daily


  1. seems to be benefiting the bottled water industry. I wonder if the bottle water industry would like to see the water system continue to fail ?

  2. Where I live, our city saw what happened in Flint, and took precautions to not let it happen to us. Yes, our city votes Democrat…just saying.

    1. @bLoWc16 Yes, you’re right. The guy was a Republican. The more people keep voting against their interests, the more these kinds of things will happen. Republicans only care about money and power. They do not care about people.

    2. @bLoWc16 You’re correct. The opioid epidemic that swept the rust belt, Texas, Mississippi, Florida… These people just keep thinking the GOP is going to save them, but they just keep getting scammed.



    1. WHy not militarize this project since it’s a point of national security? Instead of doing what Conservatives want and constantly be Israel’s Houseboy?

  3. Much of those water bottles will just end up in land fills, as litter and eventually as particulate matter in our water, soil and food supply. Our recycling programs are a horrific joke.

    1. @Terry Stevens About 20years ago Norway elected a right wing government, on the promises of higher taxes and more services.

    2. @Mephistopheles Count Caliostro yeah about 60 years ago America elected JFK who promised the same and it gave us the most prosperous middle class the world had ever seen.. what is your point.. the higher taxes are not the issue .. the right wing part is

    3. @Terry Stevens it shows that the US center is to the right of Europe and James Carville’s and Joe Biden are both against universal health care

    4. @Mephistopheles Count Caliostro well Republicans are against all healthcare so we have to take what little we can get

  4. man if only there was some type of national plan to fund desperately needed infrastructure projects in states across the country?!?!?!

    some kind of……

    infrastructure plan or something……

    1. @Buddy Christ He may not be president anymore but his mindset continues within the GOP.

      The fact that the Republicans couldn’t/wouldn’t come up with an infrastructure plan while controlling both the White House and the legislative branch shows that they do not want to do it at all. It’s not about stopping the Democrats from filling it full of pork. It’s that the Republicans don’t want to do it under any circumstances.

    2. @The Insane Shecklador I add that house speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Shumer came to T-rump with an infrastructure plan that they called the _T-rump infrastructure plan, and because Moscow Mitch told T-rump to reject any plan the have, he did!

    3. @The Insane Shecklador What does increasing the tax rate have to do with infrastructure? What does Obamacare have to do with infrastructure? Or any of the other socialist BS trying to be disguised as infrastructure. That is what people have a problem with.

    4. @Buddy Christ Says the guy who was every trump rally yelling “lock her up.”
      Stop embarrassing yourself.

  5. Mississippi has one of the worst governors in the country and not enough attention is given to just how terrible he is. He’s quite literally a monster.

    1. @Joshua Sweetvale What do you even mean with your answer, Joshua? Free speech and guns don’t fix election issues, at least from where I stand… Please elaborate. Thank you. — Signed, a veteran

    2. @Mary Ann M it’s because the republican cheat, suppress the vote and steal funds. As the do in literally every single position they hold. It’s in their own best interest to keep their states poor. They’re a bunch of psychopaths.

    3. @Tony Dinh I hate to burst your bubble but the Democrats are just as crooked as the Republicans. Have you noticed that these people remain in power into their 70s and 80’s when they could be spending the money they stole while in office.

    4. Dunno if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram account using Instaplekt. Cant link here so search for it on google 😉

    1. @Paul Wilson Republicans run the state!! Or did that escape you notice! Cities have to petition the state for grants and money for large infrastructure projected.

    1. Funny that you bring that up! The UN, during the last administration said the same thing and Nikki Haley had an absolute fit over that designation. They were absolutely right with their analysis.

  6. Yet republicans don’t want to pass the infrastructure bill because it cost too much. There was enough money for tax cuts for the wealthy though.

  7. Ain’t it baffling that state/city budgets are always insufficient when it is time to help its citizens but they have money for raises for elected officials, employee overtime pay, wrongful death lawsuits, frivolous spending etc.

  8. They should petition to have their location stripped away from missisippi …even the name of the state is awkward..I would never live in the state even if they offer to pay me

  9. I remember when my little town’s water ran dry. We were in despair when sludge came out of the tap … then nothing for days. Very scary stuff.

  10. Don’t worry, they’ll announce their usual plan shortly to fix the issue, sticking their fingers in their ears and their heads in the ground and ignoring the problem. That plan has worked out so well for them.

  11. This cooperation invest more money into prisons /military / police industries than any other. Like all cooperations they get bought out /bankrupt/name changed. I’ll be alive to see this cooperation crumble.

  12. You just found out that we have that problem. I’ve been drinking rain water for years . It’s the best

    1. Your rain water probably has my car exhaust particals in it and every other pollutant.maybe a dab or two of bird droppings.drop an ice cube in it it’ll be fine.bottoms up.

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