Sen. Durbin: Looking For Most Progressive Way To Pay For Biden's 'Families Plan' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Sen. Durbin: Looking For Most Progressive Way To Pay For Biden’s ‘Families Plan’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) discusses President Biden's new 'American Families Plan' and the possible tax increases on wealthy Americans it may include. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Sen. Durbin: Looking For Most Progressive Way To Pay For Biden's 'Families Plan' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Pres.Veggie Biden hide income in “S” corp. to avoid paying medicare and ss taxes on $millions!!!!! Guess he didn’t pay his share.

  1. If you make north of 400 grand and are upset that you’ve been asked to pay your fair share, you’re the problem. The rich and wealthy need to pony up. I’m tired of paying a higher percentage of my check even though it hasn’t moved more than a couple percent in the past decade.

    1. If you think Biden infrastructure plan isn’t hot garbage and no where near where what need then you’re a problem..

    2. Or you could stop leaching off people who are wealthier and more successful than you. Those who have earned it.

    3. @No Show Joe boy are you a shriveled up old husk. Yeah. Like you work harder than somebody in a coal mine, or a teacher, or a construction worker, or you name it. Number one, if you get to sit down at all during your work day then you don’t work half as hard as a waitstaff who work 8 ~10 hour shifts on their feet the whole time constantly running. You don’t work any harder than anybody else, hour for hour, so get off your high horse, you’re nothing special and if you earn over the limit then you’re going to pay for that privilege that you “earned’
      Supercilious flakewit

    4. @David Eby you’re a fool. Just a fool. I’m a liberal Democrat who champions the success of others who’ve worked hard for it. Do you hear me? I champion them because the more people who do well the better this country will be. You see? I really am a liberal Democrat. That’s the way God and my parents made me. I’m happy for anybody who makes their own success and shares it with others. That’s what I did and that’s what I do

    5. @Frenchblue8 You sound like a conservative to me. Liberal Democrats are too busy demonizing white peoples success and putting everyone in a pigeon hole based on their skin color to champion success of anyone ,but black and brown ppl. The same time they think blacks are too stupid to vote in Georgia now but whites are capable. That is racist.

  2. Increases taxes on the richest people and corporations to help support the American families who aren’t lucky enough to have a team of accountants to make sure they pay zero taxes.
    I can already hear the angry voicemails being left for republicans in Congress!

    1. That is why they pass off my country as some kind of communist/socialist place… SO you don’t WANT to be Canadians.. And make them pay up!!!

  3. Persistence of vision watchmen precision yes time and space to watch your step one to many one too few. The majesty of the arena insanity.

    1. If you want that, why not eliminate complicated fee taxes? Would be way simpler. And more efficient. And drive faster GDP growth.

  4. A tax rate of 25%-28% is pathetically low and don’t get me started on how worrying the 400,000k thing is. This is the time Biden needs to be called out but it won’t happen with blue maga.

  5. When the working class pays more income tax than the former guy in the White House, Joe “Robin Hood” Biden to the rescue.

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