Jagmeet Singh: Green Party put out ‘misinformation’ about N.B. defections

The NDP leader responds to N.B. defections, apparent racist comments about him, and why he won't support a Conservative government.

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    1. ​@Hope Da Builder I guess my comment doesn’t qualify for CTV’s censors. My response: snipboard . io/WxFMRQ . jpg (remove the spaces)

  1. he has a realistic approach to major issues. has seen a lot in his life, has canadian values, and i believe a lot of what he says. hope he wins.

    1. @Hal Lives , none. i have a mind of my own. i politely respect your opinion to disagree. I thought I was going to be with the green party but I don’t believe in Miss Mays view on universal basic income. And I believe liberals and conservatives are pretty much the same except liberals are a bit more deceptive

    2. Realistic approach? Free this and free that and don’t worry someone else is paying for it!! You mean his hand in my pocket and confiscating more of my hard-earned pension money.

  2. The reason you haven’t been here is because you’re not welcome here. It’s nothing to do with racism on our part. We just don’t like you. Stay the f*** out of New Brunswick.

  3. Jagmeet Singh must be a racist for supporting of the creation of an Sikh only ethno state in India, with no diversity yet preaches diversity here.

  4. All this crap means nothing in the overall scheme of things..all they are doing is giving the conservatives a majority by splitting the socialist vote

  5. The NDP is being decimated in BC—all their former supporters are moving to the Green Party, but not because Singh but rather since the NDP neglected environmentalism (in BC the NDP government is taking down old-growth forests faster than any government in BC’s history) and their total failure in housing unaffordability.

    1. Total failure in the housing crisis? They havent even been elected yet and theyre the only ones advocating for it

    1. They may get one seat. If you want to waste your vote and have 4 more years of Trudeau , knock yourself out and enjoy your carbon tax! It will go up every year.

    2. @Bosco Hemi Bah. Either way the country is doomed to collapse. Scheer and Trudeau want tons more immigrants. Increased housing costs and deteriorating health care will result.

      Accelerationism. Vote for PPC and hopefully his party gains more traction….maybe. otherwise let the cons and libs carry on destroying our nation. Maybe we can rebuild from the ashes sooner than later?

      I’m way past blackpilled at this point.

  6. Shocking. Leftists lying and twisting truth. Two faced, dishonest and divisive. It is sad that so many Canadians support those kinds of ‘values’.

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