Jailed Kremlin critic Navalny moved to hospital 1

Jailed Kremlin critic Navalny moved to hospital


Jailed Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny has been moved from a penal colony to a regional hospital for prisoners east of Moscow as concerns grow over his health. Russia's Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) said in a statement that the opposition leader had been moved to the hospital, which specializes in "dynamic" observation of patients. The hospital is located on the "territory" of another penal colony in the Vladimir region.

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  1. No matter how this evolves, Putin blinked first this time. Probably for the first time. What that does to his ego and image, there’s no way one can tell.

    1. @Radicaleyes kinda makes sense because you and that guy is ruskie trying to hide his crimes like other dictators gt a life

    2. @ᒍᗩᑕK ᖴᖇOᔕT *Doesn’t look like Putin is hiding or even trying to hide anything. It’s all out there in the open. It’s America looking away (on purpose most probably).*

    3. @Максим Леонидович I’m sorry but both Russia and US have fascists after WW2 before the space race Russia and US were looking for nazi scientists like they were made of gold.

    4. @Максим Леонидович As the son of a WW2 dad and a student of American and Presidential history and world history of the 19th and 20 century for the last 50 yrs , Stalin was the lesser of two evils to President Roosevelt and he knew that at Yalta .Russia and China both could have been like West Germany and Japan after WW2 , but the power vacuum in both countries was never stopped . And the United States has never lived up to its founding fathers declaration that all men are created equal . We are still a slow work in progress . Russia , China , North Korea , lands of many , led by few , wealth to a few .

    5. @ᒍᗩᑕK ᖴᖇOᔕT
      Me and that guy?
      I’m pointing out that he’s sitting pretty, knowing full well what’s going on and that nobody will touch him.

      You need to learn how to read English.
      “is ruskie”..? Spelled like a true Russian boy

    1. @Максим Леонидович you can only show a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it… If you want so little for yourself, why should I care… Peace 3rd world country

    2. @Agolf Tweetler hahah.. And you all the best. You don’t have to thank me for an insight into the bloody history of the United States, buddy. It’s free. And if you are an American – from today on, remember that you have no right to teach others. Your job is to ask for forgiveness.

    3. @Максим Леонидович and if it weren’t for the US you’d probably be speaking German right now. Ironically, that might be better for your economic status. LMAOOOO

    4. @Максим Леонидович Also why would ‘today on’ be responsible for the past? Same as you saying ‘sit on your knees’. Logic isn’t your friend. Stay MAD.

    5. @Nicholas Pride your government is shocking you, and you put the blame on a faraway countrie because your aggressor told you so .

  2. No one thinks he is treated well while in custody. No one is that naive. Stay strong, Navalny.

    1. Human rights group Amnesty International has changed its position over describing jailed Russian opposition activist Alexey Navalny as a ‘prisoner of conscience’ after reviewing his recent actions.

    1. INDEED , But the line of Courage and stupidity cross sometimes with deadly results ……………THE MERCENARY NO WOKE BRUTAL MARTIAL ARTS ACTION NOT FOR PUSSIES NOW ON AMAZON PRIME

    2. oh stop , gesh …. Navalny…Well documented extreme right wing … well documented extreme racist … even kicked out of a “liberal party “ for extreme views …ties to MI6 ….no following in Russia …less than 0 .1 percent

    1. No it is not a a good sign. Navalny is being sent to a government “hospital”, with the same mandates as his previous jail. He remains in grave danger.

    2. @Frances Slubik —- > Nevertheless, the Russian goverment is now responsible for his care. However, a critical question does remain: what is what is a path forward for Navalny?

  3. Thank God! This situation is just disgusting already. I feel terrible for both him and his family. How much can one human being endure already. Praying for him and his family.

    1. @Paul Kiker Of course I don’t want the man to die. I don’t want anyone to die but when you CHOOSE to go on hunger strike, that is your choice. He and you should be aware of the potential consequences and not get all upset when those self inflicted consequences occur. You should be happy that he has chosen to snap out of it and is now getting medical attention. There’s nothing romantic about this. Do you think his martyrdom will change Russia? Do you think his martyrdom would cause the US to go to war with Russia? I live in the real world my friend. You cannot work for change when you are dead.

    2. @Rachel Barker
      You’ve got more back peddling to do. You didn’t go near far enough. If no one has the courage to stand against a tyrant, no one can encourage a nation to get rid of the tyrant no one wants. Mussolini got his consequences. If you want the Russians to just roll over and take it how are you not just like Putin?

    3. @Black Lies Matter Because Russia China Iran and North Korea are the last axis of evil… The afterbirth of the peace born of WW2…

      The evil posturing by Xi and Putin on the backs of the Lend lease in WW2 and the invitation in the WTO by US for China just tells me Russia and China aren’t to be trusted and will launch an invasion of the planet if they’re not stopped…


  4. 45 must be SO jealous!!
    “See! How come I couldn’t poison, torture and kill my opponents like that? Vlad gets to have ALL the fun…!”

    1. “45” was the first to warn about China…Trump saved us all by forcing China to play their hand and reveal their true EVIL intentions early…

      Clinton and Obama gave GOD KNOWS how much of our money and technology to China…

    2. Good thing Biden’s got enough corrupt friends to keep him and his crooked son out of jail. He doesn’t need to worry about any opponents

  5. How in God’s name can Russians put up with one man dominating their politics and country for so long?

    1. we cant with these old people with all the money and power. Term limits would be a start. Age cap would be another great idea. Dont think for one min that these baby boomers arent gunna blow this place up before they are done.

    2. The far right and extremist groups have taken hold in North America and Europe… Americans and Canadians have fallen under the spell of the anti-democracy movement without awareness that it’s happening — GASS LIGHTING 101. The world is upside down. You couldn’t write a movie script better than this.

    3. @Rotwang2013 good point and their sons well we all know how that went down only took off spring to comment the first murder.

  6. He was moved to another jail that has “doctors.” It’s not a real hospital, according to Navalny’s daughter on Twitter today.

  7. All news about “transferring Navalny to the hospital” are only for loud headlines. He was simply transferred to another prison (IK-3 strict regime), on the territory of which there is a hospital specializing in patients with tuberculosis. Alexei is still in the prison and still in danger. Doctors are still not allowed to see him.

  8. He has been moved to another penal camp with a bigger medical room and many prisoners ill on tuberculosis. After 20 days of hunger strike his immune system is weak. They continue to torture him.

    1. Hes being mistreated not tortured he still has his teeth and his fingers. Sounds horrible because it is its dark its awful. But that’s torture. And there’s a small chance their water boarding him not really their style of torture.

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