Brianna Keilar: Fox is not news no matter what it calls itself 1

Brianna Keilar: Fox is not news no matter what it calls itself


CNN's Brianna Keilar rolls the tape on how Fox News uses it's on-screen graphics to push misinformation about President Joe Biden and the pandemic to its audience.
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    1. @Will Scott He incited a deadly insurrection in part assisted by the tools provided by Twitter. It’d be morally wrong not to ban him

    2. @Bringa Bong CNN is CIA. That’s the only reason they can continue to operate, otherwise they would be bankrupt.

  1. They always argue, when sued, that no reasonable person would believe them lol they say “it’s just entertainment.”

    1. That really would not be an issue if they started their programming with a disclaimer stating that fact. But they are arrogant and wait until it gets to court.

    2. @R Torres yes because nobody could fact check them? get the q-tips out of your ears they must be touching your brain.

    3. that’s exactly what they say when they get sued for defamation and some idiotic judge always buys it. So whoeber fox defames, they lose their case cause clearly it’s widely known it’s not news but if u watch 5 seconds of it they try to act like they r actual news when in fact they are a pathetic bunch of liars.

    4. @Nick Dionne Is this “project v’” going to lead to the same devastatingly pathetic but hilarious outcome as when “the Kraken” was the hope of all cult members,which ironically ended up with Sydney Powell being in the exact same legal position as FOX “news” in this case,which was the statement given by ‘Powell’s lawyer on her behalf claiming “the information was so far from reality that no reasonable,thinking person would consider these statements of Mrs Powell as actual FACTS!”,or is project V’ going to have a smidgen of truth to it?lol.Seriously when are u lot going to climb out of your rabbit holes??

  2. As someone from London, I find it shocking that major news channels are not regulated for political bias. News is meant to be factual and not propaganda.

    1. @Ver Coda how did that Russian Collusion thing work out? CNN was on it for 3 years and it was all a lie. Laughable someone would single out Fox when all of MSM are basically peddling their views. Don’t watch any of it.

    2. @Steve Rogers You just took everything out of context … Way to go watching FAKE N3WS … Fox doesn’t cite anonymous sources , nor does VERITAS . they have all those Dems on video incriminating themselves … Disgusting , and that’s who you support ?

  3. Every single person, corporation, entity that Faux lies about should start to sue for defamation until they are forced to drop the “News” from their name.

    1. @Jake 21 They’ve been sued plenty. They just trot out the “no reasonable person should believe we’re telling the truth” defense to get out of paying. Which proves Brianna’s point, they are not news.

      If you actually read into it, dominions has a very low chance of winning, that’s why they’re suing for a huge amount like that. It’s purely for getting news traction, nothing else…

    3. @the man with no name when they mention it as a fact, it is a lie.
      Trump was a clown idk what to tell you

    4. @Major Greenz why didn’t trump sue? Well that’s pretty obvious, trump is a public figure and it’s nearly impossible to win a defamation suit if you are one.

      Look up #cnnexposed it’s pretty juicy and he’s doing well in court with his other cases and just brought one against cnn

    1. @Harold Moore
      Trump lost to swing states shutting down ballot counting to roll in the thousands of fraudulent ones. Its the only explanation for counting being stopped.

  4. Lmao!! I got up way early to catch her 1st day on. After she finished, John Berman could do nothing but laugh. Lmao! This woman is savage af. Lol

    1. @Richard Wills
      Sleepy Joe baby sitting you’re just lost all you’re assumed credibility…lol..

    1. You say it every time, because you likely work at CNN posting fake comments with fake like counts. CNN is a garbage propaganda network, you have NO viewers. It’s all fake.

    2. @Harold Moore you’re forgetting that cnn Director has stated on video that cnn is F@KE NEWS PROPAGANDA ….

  5. @2:59 “…No room. We need it for the sperm.” ROFL. Perfect takedown of those frauds as usual.

    1. Frauds funny that I have been to America worst Western country by far.
      Your infrastructure is seriously dated.
      2 you have massive homelessness.
      3 I have never seen so many veterans mis treated by a government living on the streets.
      Yes , I would agree there is no room.
      Once you have no homeless people no drug addicts or veterans living on the street, then open your borders.
      So calling the frauds for stating some obvious issues is a bit dumb.
      I mean at the moment you have record unemployment so how is letting in thousands of illegals going to help the situation.
      You sir are brain dead.
      Mind you as you are American with you falling education standards, did not surprise myself.

    1. Fox is just doing what they always do BIDEN , Obama , Clintons are all Corrupt dishonest and incompetent Fox is the AXX Hole of the Republican Party any Democrat will always be demonized by the Right Wing Propaganda network until they are finally sued for all their misinformation and bankrupted out of existence

    2. @Dio Dio I look down on you because at this point in time anyone who still supports Don the Con or any of the trumplicans deserves to be shamed at every opportunity as y’all are seriously working at destroying our Democracy! Got no use for fools such as yourself.

  6. I love you Brianna…miss you on evenings…and you’re always great to listen to no matter when

  7. Brianna slayed Fox news once again! Lmao! This chick is savage AF! She looks so sweet and innocent and then, look out! She’s spitting bars of toxic truth all over the Foxbots….they don’t stand a chance against her.

    1. @KrayzieBone=GOAT of course they haven’t watched their own leaders calling themselves propaganda. The narrative must be protected

    2. CNN pretending they did not participate in the exact same behaviour when Trump was president.
      Our memories are that not short to recall the medical experts calling into question his mental and physical fitness, and don’t even get me started on conspiracy theories – that’s all they pumped out for 3 years straight.

  8. I love her so much, I actually start crying and thank God that she’s there, saving what grace and dignity we all have left to give. Briana Kieler and Jen Psaki Super Sheroes

  9. I am so happy to see my favorite commentator back. Ms. Keilar. I said it before and I’ll keep saying it. You are the BEST!

    1. CNN is trying to take down FOX news. They think they can apply cancel culture on everyone. Imagine their reason why they are trying to get rid of FOX news. Scary to think of it…They are sooo desperate to change this country. Keilar …a little bit off to be working for CNN.

    2. @Sherry Woods same for cnn, and msnbc, and most MSM, the difference is I know fox is biased and exaggerating opinions and yall think yall are watching real news.

    3. @Sherry Woods “In a recent Gallup survey, Democrats did much worse than Republicans at getting the right answer to the fundamental question: ‘What are the chances that someone who gets COVID will need to be hospitalized?’” he continued. “The answer is between 1 and 5%. … Forty-one percent of Democrats thought it was over 50%! Another 28% put the chances at 20% to 49%. So, almost 70% of Democrats are wildly off on this key question.”

  10. Congrats Brianna on your new show! I miss watching you at a later time. I set “NewDay” up to record though!

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