1. America needs to follow suit and reject representatives who push disastrous conservative economic policies.

  2. We have the chance to avoid the same mistake here in America. All is needed is to Vote Blue, straight down the ballot.

    1. @Tom Beacher Perhaps. Although that’s a bit disingenuous – we foreigners watching your country note how your Republicans *always* block any and *every* attempt to help the poor etc.

  3. The problem with huge tax cuts is they don’t stimulate the economy they stimulate profits and dividends. The assumption is incorrect. Tax cuts don’t create jobs.

    1. Tax cuts for working class do create jobs. They spend a higher percentage of their money on essentials. It is the fastest way to stimulate the economy.

    2. blank tax cut don’t, but if they are attached to created job, then they could. But it’s always a blank cut with 0 condition, so it rarely ever does.

  4. Here is the Lesson: people that have no clue about policy and their countries own Government don’t belong running for office let alone holding a major political office , she tried the historically failed Reaganomics trickled down theory of the 1980’s.

  5. A insightful and witty analysis of the chaos in the UK over the resignation of Truss and the situation the UK finds itself in in terms of having a government that can actually solve the country’s major economi issues

  6. As a member of the conservative party all of my life & as with the whole of my family I can say when she was voted in it was a massive shock to all of us & other party members
    We did not want her & did not vote for her
    She was backed by a group of companies who paid for the vote in return for tax reductions
    The Back Benches & Cabinet committed a coup against Boris & even though the membership wanted him to stay & even now with 80% of the vote of who we would like him to take Truss’s place!

    Because of What the MPs did we are now in the sh%t more because they took the highest office in the U.K. & put a incompetent & unqualified person in there!

    1. She was shortlisted by the Tory MPs and then selected by the Tory party members. You (the wider you) did choose her.

    2. I’d argue they did that with BoZo as well. Also incompetent, and whilst you as a Tory party member might have wanted to keep him, the rest of the country plainly did not.

  7. Truss was already an inept politician, who the party tried to keep away from media interviews as much as possible. The prospect of her becoming the actual PM was less astonishing due to Johnson having being PM. The Tory membership have to take responsibility for her selection.

  8. The lesson we’ve learned from latest UK political drama is that two partie system is worse than one party system of governance. One party system is equal with authoritarianism, while two party system is the same as divisionism. The moment that the third choice is given the plural system takes on effect.

  9. Great analysis! One slight correction, though – Corbyn and Truss were picked by party members (ie. dues paying activists) not MPs, which is why we got this mess. MPs actually know their colleagues personal qualities and wouldn’t have screwed up in this way. Still, Jake’s point is a good one – we need to reclaim the centre ground, which is why Labour’s Keir Starmer now looks very convincing as PM in waiting!

    1. No party should be in power for more than a decade anyway – you need time in Opposition once in a while at least, to take stock of where the country is, the impact of your legacy, and see what you should be doing if you’re back in power.

      Regardless of the complex regional and global issues at hand at the moment, more than a decade of Tory rule has left the British public poorer, colder and hungrier. They more than deserve to be booted out of office, and to let Labour, or a coalition, take over.

  10. Corporate Tax Cuts stimulate Yachts 🛥 Private planes 🛩 & Golf memberships ⛳️
    They don’t stimulate Economy ⚙️
    …and Jake, you were hiLLarious 😂👌🏼

  11. The main rake should be, the fact that they can remove an unpopular and scandalous PM meant the system works. But it could be made more effective if it were multiparty (abandoning FPTP), which could allow a strong opposition to call a general election (because no party could outright command a majority with it a majority of the time).

    In America, yo have to go through a politically taxing impeachment process.

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