1. If the Republican Party let Trump walk away from this the family of the Capitol Police who lost his life need to sue the Republican Party

    1. My opinion is as follows; Trump wanted 13 people on death row EXECUTED before he left office.

      Trump wanted EVERYONE in the Capitol to be murdered. I’m a Air Force combat medic Veteran. My heart was shattered as I watched in real time on January 6th. Trump has the mentality of Kim Jung Un mentality, Putin’s mentality. Wanted to teleport through my TV, to help.

      Trump told the world before he took office that he “could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it.” Trump TOLD THE WORLD THAT HE WAS A TRAITOR! He committed TREASON every year he was in office.

      We still have 144 men and women in our government that were for Trump. Those 144 men and women are TRAITORS! They’ve also committed TREASON! They must ALL LOSE THEY’RE ELECTED SEATS.

      What a disgrace our government has become.
      If this continues there will be some madman or mad women who would love to “buy our country, and we will then understand why our elected officials MUST also be brought to justice.

    2. @Catherine Patterson Thank you Catherine for your service. And thank you calling this out for what it is. It was treason and all that still condone what happened on 1/6 are traitors.

    1. @Chaos well at least you answered. But now I bid you adieu. I don’t like to engage with someone who doesn’t have a cogent argument to defend. I’m not here to defend or debate your disdain for our current president. This is about Trumpy’s legacy.

    2. @Jock Young you’re right the BLM organisation doesn’t commit acts of violence, but their supporters do and BLM doesn’t condemn them. Fact!

    3. @Covfefe Yourself! Yeah you’re off now that you’ve seen my logic is flawless and destroys all of your anti Trump narratives. Fact!

    4. @Chaos dude, do you have a learning disability? It’s okay if you do. A lot of trumplicans do, but FACT is, your arguments to dis Biden when we are clearly talking about what your boy Trump did is clearly flawed. You don’t care about the many lies, scams, scandals, misogynistic abuses of your boy Trump, so you have no leg to stand on dissing Biden. Look up the word hypocrite because that is what you are. FACT!

    1. How can you vote for the Republican party? It’s so sad! 2022 & 2024 these senators need to pay at the voting booth for their sins, for not protecting the American people!

    1. @Bat Boy Stand behind your name young one – lest you miss your chance to become a man.

      Anonymity for the west/ world, is Putin’s ultimate goal you see, to keep you-all as children = regardless if you were Russian or American, he doesn’t want contrast:/.. examples of what he lacks, or what others could be-_-.


    2. @turbo Not even that, I’m afraid. If they truly wanted to reduce the number of abortions, then they wouldn’t oppose measures that help mothers living in poverty to take their pregnancies to term and to keep their children, such as public education and public health.

    3. @Covfefe Yourself! this question you should ask Nancy Pelosi or CNN why they supported violent BLM protests last summer … if you ask them this question they should give unusual answers
      If you are not smart enough to see my point , here is my point:
      violent BLM protests was Acceptable to radical left and Conspiracy News Network CNN (CNN: “show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful?” , Nancy Pelosi:” people will do what they do “
      Violent protests to support integrity of election: CNN and all radical left activists accused terrorist, rebellion
      My point is “violent is terrible and never accepted” .., understood ?

    1. @Jock Young some? Stores being looted and Buildings on fire is Just, some sure. Pretty sure you’re the one who said 25 people didn’t get killed during the BLM protests, you have yet too prove it

    2. @J_a_m_i_e
      You are the one who made the accusation about the 25 people. If you are going to allege a crime, the burden of proof is on you Obviously.

  2. Those Republicans should be stripped of their citizenship if they vote to acquit Trump. I am so happy this is coming out. Put this out there.

    1. There is a lots coming out that we didn’t know about and it is horrible how Trump planned the riot. He is such a horrible person.

    2. @Marion Woodard By letting this man off the hook they will have compromised any moral authority. The evidence and videos coming out is damning. The last impeachment was theoretical this time it’s not. There is clear evidence.

    3. Stripped, deported, and exiled…….and have their individual names stricken from every record in the history of the United States for all eternity. Also, an investigation into where their support money is being funneled from…….cause it smells of dirty rubles right about now!

    1. All Congress can legally do is convict Trump and ban him from ever running again,but now as a private citizen Trump should be arrested for treason.He should not be allowed to sit in Mar a Lago and go golfing.He started all this and needs punishment.

    2. Stop using Donnie’s initials as if he can compare to JFK or FDR.
      Trump is simply a worthless clown. He’s LOL.

    3. He will be happy he got thousands of idiots to fight and maybe die for him. He is giddy at his own power to fool people.

    1. @that one guy you can’t equate Trumpists with blm-antifa, they have different motivations. Although both are fueled by anger, Trumpists want to subvert the election (bad) while the other side is fighting for equality (good)

    2. @that one guy you have that all wrong. BLM were peaceful but in among them were bad apples that had nothing to do with the protesters.

    3. @Craig Barker Neo – clearly you are of low intellect. Amazing how truly unintelligent people don’t realize how moronic they appear to truly intelligent people. Ignorance is you, Craig Barker.

  3. Trump’s defense rationale of seditionists is the same thing as swatting a huge hornet’s nest with a broom. Then blaming the hornets for stinging the crap out of people.

    1. @Noni R That defense didn’t work for Charlie Manson but I suppose he was born on the wrong side of tracks.

    2. Snap patrice who is responsible for all the election lies that caused those people to attack? An attack that will see many of them losing what Trump continuously told them, that the Dems were going to take away…. Their right to vote and own guns.

      In the end, dems won’t be the cause of that, Trump will. Their own choices too, but they were based on the lies of Trump. Don’t understand why some of them still defend that, it’s cost them rights they valued. Guess we’ll just have to be made for them.

    3. NO CREDIBLE DEFENCE/ you are either complicit or blind get on board or fall on the same sword trump is going down for every bit of this

  4. The word “Deplorables” actually was correct. Turns my stomach to think people are actually capable of such violence when it comes to one man.

    1. Deplorables, deplorables, deplorables, that’s exactly what they are. Hillary was right when she made that statement.

    2. I thought it was so rude when she said it originally, and now I feel bad lol. She was right about Trump AND his deplorables!!! Wow.

    3. @Marion Woodard Perhaps right, but extremely stupid. Just like Romney and his “47%”. At the moment that comment was publicized on Sept. 10, 2016, I knew she had lost the election.

    4. @Amanda Renee Atta girl hate people you never met. It is the same as hating people for the color of their skin. It will cost you.

    1. @Steam fish White rice thus wat I’m here thinking…like how…really how smh they are complicit for not acting on behalf of the country and constitution …..it’s saddening …something shud be able to happen bcz if u swear to uphold the constitution and u dnt u shud be punished …wats the purpose of swearing to it then if u can jus walk over it as if it’s doenst even exist

    1. @Devo Why are you acting like there weren’t hundreds of arrests last summer over property damage and where did you get that number of dead by BLM specifically?

    2. @Devo You have had 2 coup attempts in less than a year (Michigan) but want me to cry about BLM Civil Rights being responsible for your murderous behavior? 🤔🙄

    3. @Luan Nguyen CNN is NOT more responsible than the PRESIDENT! They do not take an oath to the Constitution and did NOT encourage a COUP!

    4. @Thorny Turtle Ranch Wouw just wouow. I know you like war, but calling something like that.. Dont spread things that are not there.

  5. Officer Eugene Goodman’s name describes him and his actions perfectly. He is truly a GOOD MAN, and the actions he took on January 6, 2021 undoubtedly saved lives.
    HE is very special, HE is a great patriot, and HE is an honorable man. Not the insurrectionists.

    1. @The African Eye right beating them to death with fire extinguishers and flag poles is so much more respectful isn’t it… hell NO it’s not. Police shouldn’t kill peaceful protesters and rioters shouldn’t kill police. PERIOD

    1. Except DNC standards suggest that Biden should have been impeached over 20 times during his ride along as VP. Corrupt AF!

    1. @J_a_m_i_e
      If you are going to accuse people of murder, the burden of proof is on YOU to provide the evidence. Obviously

    2. @William Walker lol OK sure it’s going to magically go away how ignorant it’s not going away just changing to what it originally was

    3. @Bryan you are a moron.
      A party changing,.. means it’s going away.
      You REALLY think that horde of orcs
      Is going to keep calling the new party the same old name?
      REALLY… 😆 You know it’s dead.
      It’s fractured.
      It depended on voter manipulation to survive to begin with. Now, with Trumpler,
      You see sane individuals leaving the crazy house. Thousands of Republicans sickened by the way things are going, true conservatives are not trumpies.
      The next election is going to be more open,
      Free, and fair for all. You’re doomed.
      Join us or sit down and be quiet.
      Be a progressive human being and stop larping as a Nazi.

    4. @William Walker ya says the guy from the party who admitted to have to create a shadow cabal to change laws and rules just to win an election but ya the republican party is falling apart…

    1. I really hope they do but Steve Scalise is a prime example that they just don’t have the temerity to go against Trump. That saddens me for our republic!

    2. You said it-time they decide to protect the generations of our children who have lived with this fear every day for three decades. Gun control now-crazy people with guns are everywhere. Never forget Sandy Hook!

    3. @Veronica Harris You’d think that after Scalise survived a near-fatal attack by a crazed gunman, he’d have emerged with more of an awareness of how crazy people are capable of behaving. 🤷‍♀️

  6. Now the government needs to go after those senators who took part in the insurrection! Cruz, Hawley, Nearman for opening the door and letting the people in the side door.

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