1. @Dang on man boo Aww,gurl,having such a hard life in the closet. It’s obvious,you are so preoccupied with it,gurl! You are like Willy H Music,he’s in denial,also,BUTT,so preoccupied,it’s so obvious!

    2. Like 9/11 and ObabyMa and his red lines – Bending Over while Syrians were being Chemically tortured! That’s just Propaganda!

    3. @B You want me to be GAY because misery loves company but I assure you I have zero desire to extract SCHMEG paste and infected penis hole syrup from greasy foreskin.

  1. The Republican smears are rich considering how El Presidente Bone Spurs has picked more fights with and smeared more Gold Star families than any other president.

    1. Coming from a filthy inbred demonrat who has been trying to dehumanize his fellow Americans for a decade

  2. I think if we swap out Congress for the best Newsmen and Journalists in this Country we would be a 50 years ahead of the game in one generation. Way to go Tapper….

    1. Covering yesterdays news today. Collins already apologized. They just need to blow smoke after defending Iran for the past 3 days.

    2. @Faken Name is it a prerequisite to be a homosexual to work at CNN ? It’s in line with thier agenda . #s 24 to 26 out of 45 goals for USA , 24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
      25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
      26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

  3. Nancy Polsky is working closely with her Mullahs collegues to make sure that the Iranian regime remains a serious pain in the butt of Iranian people, a pain in the butt of middle east region, a pain in the butt of the United Nations, a pain in the butt of the international community !

    1. he is selling war and his idiot viewers don’t even realize it. i don’t
      know gen salamander from a stranger in a subway BUT when someone/many
      ,many many in the mockingbird media say he was a cold blooded terrorist
      without a single instance thereof, I am wtf? And I am a supporter of President
      Trump but these “news reports” sell war and ONLY war.

    1. Fake news. Collins made a comment but later apologized. Yesterday’s news. CNN is just trying to blow smoke as they reverse course from defending the Iranian regime.

  4. It is like a circus being played out everyday, right outside your front door! Makes the Joker in Batman pale in comparison!

  5. Anyone remember the WMD’s back in March 2003? Selective amnesia again? Never found were they? Not a GD one of them.

    1. @october71777 My father picked a few of them up at Niagara Falls and used to bring them into Toronto. He loved to watch war movies and War documentaries but never watched anything on Vietnam he hated that war.

      He always used to tell me the first casualty of war is the truth.

      I’m Canadian but have dual citizenship.

    2. Even if they had WMDs how is that justification to invade? The US has WMDs, Russia, China. Just a cover story for hidden evil agendas government ALWAYS is evil and serves the interests of few at the expense of the many. Any system that is based on extortion, fear, violence, intimidation, coercion is evil. Moral people/ systems do not operate in this manner EVER

    3. @North The Great Vietnam was the second most divisive period in US history. The Civil War was the first. I am afraid we are in our third now? This one is political/class/race and oh yes religious. November 2020 will only be a continuation of it. It goes on. Watch Ken Burns documentary The Vietnam War. It is sickening that the history ir revealed now.

    4. @trifecta t They got away with it too. 2003 is not that long ago. The US has been fighting since 2003 now. Twenty years this March. The government has just gotten control of the coverage. Media control is much better then it was with Vietnam. They’ve gotten real good at it.Trump is just a “front”
      guy. Others are pulling the strings. He’s just easy.

    1. @karmpuscookie
      The American Way of Lies
      • Religion is a lie.
      • American defense is a lie.
      • Money trickling down is a lie
      • Conservatism is a lie.
      • The American dream is a lie
      • Progress is evil, is a lie.
      • The economy is a lie.
      • Health care insurance is a lie.
      • Most wars are lies.
      • «Pro life» is a lie
      • Democracy is two parties that govern to protect themselves and special interests, is a lie.
      • Guns protect you from being shot, is a lie.
      • Beacon for human rights is a lie.
      • Ended slavery is a lie. Ask children that is held in slavery to produce for American companies.
      • Fighting religious terrorism and promoting religion above science/truth, is lying.
      • America first is a lie.
      • America is the greatest country on earth, is a lie.
      • America has been cheated all the way to the richest country on earth, is a lie.
      • Tax cuts is a lie.
      • The rule of law is a lie.
      • War on drugs is a lie.
      • Standing together after mass shootings is a lie
      • God bless America is a lie.
      • Respecting the flag, because American troops failed in Afghanistan is a lie.
      • Mutilating millions and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi people because of WMD – was a lie – and yet fun – it was a war crime.
      • Destabilizing and mass murder in the The Middle East to keep America safe, is a lie.
      • Fighting the opioid crises is a lie.
      • You are in our thoughts and prayers, is a lie.
      • Killing millions of people and causing the largest refugee crises since WWII, to promote democracy, is a lie.
      • 9/11 is a lie: 3000 people were killed – the same amount the US has killed every 4th day since WWII.
      • Treaties are lies. America has broken over 500 and counting….
      One person still killed/mutilated every single day in Laos, due to 80 million not detonated bombs USA dropped all over the country, is not a lie. USA taking NO responsibility to remove the bombs, is NOT a lie. To date only 1 % of the country is cleaned of bombs.
      Truth: Who cares? War is good for the economy!

      The American Way of lies looked good on the journey up to the end/tip of the cliff. There will be no return from the abyss.

  6. C’mon Jake, you can’t use big words like “prevarication” when talking about Trump. If you want Trump or his supporters to understand you, you need to keep the language at a 2nd grade level.

    1. Did you clowns know your fake news station just had to pay a kid in court 275 million and 3 more big ones are coming up in the weeks.

  7. The President got rid of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and terrorist Soleimani. But CNN terrorist lovers can imagine the World without them. SAD.

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