Jamaica, Are You Ready for Chinese Vax? #Shorts 1

Jamaica, Are You Ready for Chinese Vax? #Shorts


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  1. No we don’t want any Vaccine from China , everything made in China are knock off version NOT GOOD

  2. Suh mek mi undastan dis tin yah! Dem create dis virus inna lab and den tun rung a sell di cure??? A weh di bongo jongo!!! A yah suh nice fi tru!!

  3. Vaccine from China? Hell no!! I don’t even eat anything that has China written on it. Yes, I believe in vaccines but wouldn’t take this one to save my life.

  4. What a rastajah pon Jamaican people them,look like them have full control a the little island now,Lord have mercy

    1. …same Bomborassclaawt way it go yow….country for sale…..Chinese only after more land

  5. Why cant jamaica make there own
    They should team up with cuba
    And a few other Caribbean countries
    And produce there own

    1. It don’t make sense cause we lost our roots. Jamaicans hardly drink bush or herbal tea anymore. So many herbalist in Jamaica and yet nobody remember them even when a flu like systoms a kill people

  6. Boy fi tell you the true me we take the china one them say is china Make the virus so supposed to have the Cure USA not helping no one so agree with andrew this time

  7. Jamaican is going to pay a great price for China dealings.

    I would never take a Chinese vax.

  8. So what about those due to have a second dose of a particular vaccine? They have to recieve them within a certain time, you can’t mix & match vaccines

  9. There is high public concern about these china produced vaccine why not the cuban produced vaccine instead ? Think it easier logistics wise and geopolitically

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