Flour Price Increase in Jamaica | Gunmen & Police Shootout | US$200M at Stake in Road Project

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  1. Please stop tell the old John crow them uno business. Uno start get more a them, behind bars or 6 feet down. Great job guys.Less information, better chances of catching more a them.

  2. We Jamaican depending on too much firing food a Florida mi live and mi plan cassava and make flower dumplings

  3. Government should stop collecting tax on food until the economy gets back to normal if they really cared period. Not even a day tax free they give us

  4. Where’s the sellby date on the flour?
    Advice🚫: stop eating flour.
    Healthy food: banana, yam and dasheen.

  5. Why would a person that is charged with murder, is allowed bail… this is total madness… the judicial system needs to be revamped…Trial should occur within a year, and on charges like rape and murder or attempted murder, should NOT be given bail

    1. @martinilogan martinilogan : how is your statement relevant in regards to the judicial process

  6. Murder and attempted murder, as well as rapist should not be allowed bail….There should be a gran jury should be convene, they should see evidence against a suspect and based upon their beliefs, such individuals would be given a trial within a year

  7. The way how love money they give a big 20 year old man bail for what he did to a 5 year old little boy how heartless can that be .

    1. How can the government give away millions in care packages and put more money in the economy and not expect the prices to go up?

  8. Want flour prices to go down, it’s very simple, stop buying flour, leave it on the shelves and let it rot there, I guarantee you the prices will go down so much you’ll think they’re giving it away

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