Jamaica News Headlines | TVJ News – March 31 2021

Jamaica News Headlines | TVJ News - March 31 2021 1


  1. When I am in Jamaica and taking public transport, namely taxis. My first observation is the number plate ad identifications of the driver. Since I hear alot of things about taxi drivers I take not.
    I also carry a pepper spray in my pocket and not my hand bag to use if I find that there is a problem. I also call my partner and tell him if I see that something is not right and let him know where I am.
    It’s a dame shame that we people have to live like this but we have to protect our selves by what ever means necessary. Lord help us.🇯🇲🇬🇧

  2. Really don’t know what precautions to take even if you know the person can’t trust them that’s my view

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