Jamaica Reggae Boyz Coach Theodore 'Tappa' Whitmore | TVJ Sports Commentary - July 27 2021 1

Jamaica Reggae Boyz Coach Theodore ‘Tappa’ Whitmore | TVJ Sports Commentary – July 27 2021


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    1. If the players don’t score then they are off the team. Tappa is an excellent coach and they need to pay him more.

    2. @Affluent J Not as much as the foreign coaches before him which is unfair as he’s getting better results.

    3. @richiedread123 me know say him naah go get as much him is not a big name coach but did a look out for a figure like 800k to a Mill, per month or there about, he asked them for 1.5mil per month in 2018 nd they refused to pay him that, so that’s y I asked

  1. They are the ones going after players to play for Jamaica so they should know what kind of players and the position they need to have a balanced team. every team should play to their strength which should be guided by the players abilities . The coach therefore is tasked to guide those players to play as a team in a system to get the maximum out of the collective . Game plan ,style of play ,team selection ,formation and in game adjustment are the responsibilities of the coach. You also talking about pro teams how much of them get fired regularly? Nuff

  2. thats why Jamaica Football can’t better with no vision the people perish. Maverick stick to cricket.

  3. No you must build a consistent team that you might substitute a starting side because of injury or weariness. Not change 70 percent of the team each game

  4. This is beside the point,he have poor game management,tappa is not a good coach for our national team.I am just a fan of the sports and know the team wanted a substitute in the US game and he failed to make and impact.A coach fail to get results,fail is team fail the fans and the team.I am sorry but he is just not good.Can’t fire the players but the coach yes.We have seeen this over the years same player different coach better result.

  5. 7 Years And we still searching! We could have taken 24 twelve years olds and keep them together..Tbey would be 19 now! Smh

    1. Exactly. And this also speaks to the lack of vision and or forward-thinking plan. Oral doesn’t know what he’s talking about. he’s not a real pundit, he’s more of a comedian than he is a journalist.

  6. I bet you’ll say otherwise when we start off struggling in wc qualifiers, tappa isn’t tactically capable, the defensive midfield issue can be solved easily with implementing Damion lowe there, right back issues need to be solved cuz none of them makes sense against formidable opponents

  7. All those national team you just mention will be at the world cup, they make it every 4 year’s. They must have a system and a style of play to be so successful. We need to get the politics and the bias out of football. JFF NEED TO HOLD THE BULL BY THE HORN AND DEVELOP YOUTH FOOTBALL, because the present system has fail us over years.

  8. Richard reid
    I am a Caribbean man …so when Jamaica lose it effects me also. On most of the channels I mention your sentiments. Jamaica have to build a team and not an all star team. With exception….these players are not FIT.
    There is need for a left and right back ..a ball handling midfielder and an out and out striker. As a coach I would look personally in the national competition for them. Antonio is welcome. Leave Bailey and the rest not needed in the MLS.
    Creat a system and fix organization. Success!!

  9. People tend to stray from the facts of the situation,the players got countless chances,(not saying they have to score every chance they got,but USA got few chances,but out of the few,they manage to score the chance they needed to win,,tappa is making the best out of a lot out of the negatives the Jamaican delegation is offering him,(1) no money for the players,(2) JFF sucks to the maximum,(3)no sponsorship,ETC, I blame the JFF OVERALL!!!

  10. Yes and I’m trying to put you something but it’s not going through properly yes at the following players just need old boy longer do more dribbling in the air create more penalty problems and things like that and focus you doing fine okay

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