Jamaican Migrants Arrested in Florida | TVJ News - June 17 2021 1

Jamaican Migrants Arrested in Florida | TVJ News – June 17 2021


Jamaicans were amongst migrants detained in Florida this morning. They were caught after the boat they were sailing in crashed on the boardwalk.

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  1. Wow it’s sad to hear what’s going on in jamaica, and as a jamaican now us citizen even white co-workers begging ppl not to visit jamaica but thanks to that man for calling out the politicians to do something.

  2. I wonder if Andrew even use him phone nowadays or even have internet on his still constructing mansion and guesthouses while the island continues to burn under his watch with his friends. Must be a good view from there because its only corna he can see. welp goodbye to what was once a decent country you have now officially gone to the dogs and your owner wont even admit that he knows whats happening because his life is already set.

  3. Well he is not tell no lie but y never do your papers and go the right way Andrew this is a wake-up call if u care and I know u don’t.

  4. I feel a way…. Can’t blame it cause it get rougher by the day here in Jamaica. I hope that was last resort because of it wasn’t he surely can’t get in after this.

  5. The man did not hold back bear killing and him want a better life….. pree that as a person outside Jamaica

    1. @Rashid Antonio naa judge mi no alot people who get dip change name and gone back America that can’t happen now doh,naa judge him still don’t no the bredda

    2. @Rashid Antonio my man go to TRUE JAMAICA BUZZ posting today!! Bootsie is a EX-CON from Dunkirk

  6. JLP & PNP need to resigned long ago an let go the shackles off Jamaicans foot honestly

  7. This is so embarrassing, politician live in luxury while the people suffer. My God My God!!! Smh

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