Jamaican PM Holness Seeks Financial Aid from Rich Countries | TVJ News - March 29 2021 1

Jamaican PM Holness Seeks Financial Aid from Rich Countries | TVJ News – March 29 2021


As the economic fallout from covid 19 intensifies Prime Minister Andrew Holness is urgently appealing to the international community for financial assistance.

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  1. Smh. And Ghana and other african countries that most of you look down on is currently cutting off aid from foreign countries like france & US, ect because in return they exploit and steal from the land and people. We still have the hands out mentality and jamaica is full of resources.

    1. @Man of Culture Allanzo what is bunkering never heard of it and what would we need to start this?

    2. @Man of Culture Allanzo oh wow my uncle in the US told me Jamaica has great location for that. but why hasn’t any of the leaders notice this opportunity?

    3. @John Beefcock Jamaica has 1000s of hectors of land (crown’s land) going to waste in the name of the Queen of England. Food is the staff of life. Farming amd exporting food should be the main source of our capital as a country because we have rich soil and good farmers. All we need is the factories for processing, storage and export. Tourism is a outdated niche for us at the moment. However this cooperation isn’t for the development of the people but themselves why? Can we proudly say as a people that we’re significantly benefiting from tourism? None of the hotel money stays here.

    4. @Eat what You grow I wasn’t aware we had that see I’m barely in Jamaica so I really don’t know… if that’s the case why don’t we focus on building foreign exchange generating assets in the country instead of focusing on building things like government buildings and such for parliamentarians to sit comfortably in the country has it’s priorities messed up and we need some hustlers to run the country people who can turn what little we have into wealth

    1. Dem politicians yah no have no shame. Stealing the Jamaican Citizens taxes every year is not enough. Jamaican politicians dont care about Jamaicans. Foreigners have more privileges

  2. But what u doing for the country u need to stop get pay until next year as well u and the minister of security and u head of security forces

  3. Just do what u have been doing .sell out the country to the Chinese. He has no problem.doing that .

  4. U see these politicians they are nothing but a shame and disgrace. They using the ppl of Jamaica to seek wealth for their own gain. Poor ppl need help and be suffering and not getting any help yet they dont stop borrowing off the poor ppl’s head.

    1. I min uno a accuse the govt & PM of getting money fr abroad & packing it up in a bank. Ja is always in debt no matter wich party is in power. The current PM will have to ask foreign countries forgiveness on bebts Ja owes, r else all of uno will have to pay more in taxes, so uno can stay de a chat.

    2. @juliet gardiner me na try fe shut no 1 up. I responded to comments that was made. u have ur right to make comments. SO DO I. I pay comecast for my Internet service. no political party, ( Pmp r labor) nah pay me, to canvass fe dem..

  5. All those big money that u gave away during the election 2 buy vote, that money would come in handy now

  6. What are they doing with the money that they are asking for, put in their pockets? Because poor people not benefiting from it.

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