Jamaican PM May Appoint Comm. To Oversee Mobay Project| TVJ News - May 25 2021 1

Jamaican PM May Appoint Comm. To Oversee Mobay Project| TVJ News – May 25 2021


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  1. why andrew doing this all because america government pressure but america bout sinking …cutting out china going to creat great problem for our people .

    1. You don’t believe a man who is not afraid to pray publicly & call on God but you believed illiterate Portia & wicked Patterson.

    2. @Elfreda Carty lol whole eep a false prophet pray publicly and don’t @ me cuz mi nuh trust NO POLITICIAN….. EVERY POLITICIAN LIES

  2. How Jamaican going to benifits if you borrow money from China use Chinese product use Chinese contractor and Chinese workers?

    1. JA people needs jobs. Everything from thieving China who don’t respect our people. JA making them wealthier(China). It’s bad enough that they will sell electronics that doesn’t work and you can’t return or request refund.

    2. Jamaica have any thing to start it. China have every thing from the skill, to the machinery, every thing china have. Jamaica can only let china build it . And then turn it in a toll to get back their money.

  3. Why this man don’t use is own people to build jamaica bloody China people Jamaican needs work.

  4. Overseas contractors have to get the jobs because of the dishonest contractors them in Jamaica

  5. Full time him fi just step down and give back the people dem him pay check. Worse prime minister ever. Mi nah tek back mi chat . Him a living devil have the people dem under bondage.

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