Jamaican Rastafarian Trimmed While in Police Custody | TVJ News – August 2 2021

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  1. The young lady looked so beautiful with her hair it seems to me that only police has rights in this country mi TIRED of Jamaica it want CLEAN up from top to bottom

  2. Damn she was so cute with her locks, still pretty but this whole case is a mess. Justice is needed

  3. Wrong from every angle. The officer at the scene with the taxi, the judge and the rest. I’m so sick of the in Jamaica. Every day some other disgusting act. This is also an assault and she need to file a civil suit against that officer.

  4. This beautiful young women, grew her loc,s! And for what reason would this officer cut off her loc,s!!! Why???

  5. It pains my heart so much for this young lady… she mentioned in another interview that the police officer who trimmed her locks, made a comment that “whenever she comes to work, she left her heart outside the gate..” Those are the persons who were placed over us to protect and serve, inhumane!!

  6. I am just pissed off πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ I hope that police woman loose her job
    Corrupt policing has to come to an end!

    1. Hi JanetπŸ™‹πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ how are you ?
      I am Kardo and I would be delighted to be acquainted with you.
      Mi love your point of view ina di reasoning yah. Bless up🌹

  7. I’m so hurt by the treatment this young child went through. What is wrong with Jamaican PEOPLE!!!!

    1. @Decimo10x Currently, most 19 year olds in Jamaica are still in high school. Age of consent should really be at world standard of 21 because most parents are still helping support their children at that age. The age of adulthood at 18 only allows for jobs, drinking and taxation.

  8. Both officers need to be fired. Plain and simple. They violated this young ladies rights. She also needs to be compensated.

  9. They are still fighting against rasta, they should stop using it to promote reggae music and tourism.

  10. And the country have the audacity to say they are emancipated, when the law and justice system is or has being strongholding folks in their civil and human Rights, liberties and freedom

  11. The police men (behaving like animals) involved in that traumatic incident and the mistreatment of that 19-year-old lady should be sued for their behaviour and disorderly conduct. Many of them can never think and lack humility because they believe they can dominate whomever they want, including “smaller” or “weaker” people. The lady who cut off her hair had absolutely NO right to do this.

  12. Painful kaie here
    This is the second incident o a Rasta been trimmed by a police officer and to be honest it is not right…
    We all have a right to do to ourselves as we please.
    The prime minister need to step in and address this situation enough is enough.

  13. I’m wondering from the other day if it’s Kim Jong Un run Jamaica now cause the dictatorship is real

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