Jamaican Teachers at Risk | 7 Dead in 8 Days | PT News Plus

Jamaican Teachers at Risk | 7 Dead in 8 Days | PT News Plus 1


  1. N&N just showed on there YouTube video where a bike driver with the pillion rider was at it again. This is something happened in the country every day which is my problem of what police and the government doing towards helping the poor citizens. I am speaking especially to the policymakers who now coming up with along list of laws and regulations which yet to be fixed instead of begging those bikers to use helmet while driving/riding should stop or insist on them that no pillion accept a bike.

  2. Majority women and are quiet young. this is worrying. The health service in Jamaica needs improving.

  3. The angel of death is not finished with the civil servants as yet. War was waged by civil servants in this country. War was waged against the commandment of the most high and civil servants were used to do it.

    1. you said alot without saying much, we know it will get worse, they are only talking about the teachers.

  4. Annual checkup is one thing. Most importantly teachers need to manage time and life better/work life balance. Detaching from work and plan activities to destress and relax. No doubt the workload is too much but a healthy teacher translates to better student performance.

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