Jamaica's Health Centre Under Water But No Rain | TVJ Midday News - June 4 2021 1

Jamaica’s Health Centre Under Water But No Rain | TVJ Midday News – June 4 2021


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  1. Parts of Jamaica are like slums! Have mercy on us Lord, pleaseWhy are we being treated like this by the authorities and taxes are being paid?

    1. @mike larry i know but the country must be collecting taxes. How do you think prisoners are fed?

    2. I am from. Jamaica and it is a fair statement to say that many parts of Jamaica are like a slum.
      No need to get defensive about the truth.
      Unu too damn sensitive with the wrong issues.

    3. @Rudy Yorke I would agree that the New planners are still using the colonial design which was horse and buggy and two pedestrians ..New spoilt huge houses and condominium but roads and sidewalks and proper affordable PUBLIC transportation is minimal…But planners SALARYS are North American equivalent…

  2. The PM is only 1 person he can’t fix everything. No PM in the past, r future to come, will able to fix everything . It needs everyone. What I need to ask where is the counselors r MP’s for those areas. They r the persons who who should be on top of these problems.

    1. But him can gi wey 10 grand to ppl fi tek vaccine tho lol mek him gwaan fool unu bill gates and frenz give whole heap a covid plandemic money him can use some fix jamaica

  3. Aren’t these so called leaders embarrassed?!! Going after positions without intentions of doing the jobs

  4. Please We Have To Repent And Gives Our Life To JESUS CHRIST He’s Worthy To Be Praise!!!

  5. Suh where is the Minister of Health?? Dem only worrying about vaccine, shame on dem all.


  7. This principal seems to be very hands on. She can try a gofund to get some serious help

  8. They claim coffee is not in high demand so producers can’t get an increase, at the same time, there is a trajectory to increase exports of coffee…who them think they are fooling?
    Give the ppl them the increase for their coffee!

  9. The clinic need to relocate are build a new one more state of the heart so the residence can get some tax payers benefits.

  10. Jamaicans government as never cared about Black Jamaicans and parishes such as St Thomas , Portland,St Mary ..These Parishes have been forgotten remembered when it’s Election..

  11. Someone had said that the condition at the health center had been like that got years and my question is how long as your representative and mayor is in office and why the people keep voting for them and they are doing nothing to help your concerns.

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  13. It is absolutely madness this man Stephen Shaw is talking, a road is road whether it is access or private. It is his responsibly to find who is responsible for maintaining the road, and see to it the work gets done. Why is he always side stepping his responsibilities and still employed in the post. The man is so incompetent it’s crazy.

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